It is the day after my session and my heart is still so full of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation  for the awareness, healing and integration that our session together has brought me. As you know I have done a lot of successful self-work and I am hesitant to go to “others” for assistance. I found that having this session with you and experiencing the techniques you use were perfect to help me overcome my resistance to knowing and taking my next step. I feel whole and re-born with a whole new zest for life; a whole new story to anticipate partaking in; feeling safe to step into my power and the truth of who I am, no need to hold me back or have a “governor” on my heart. A whole new or renewal of purpose – one coming from Love and Joy rather than responsibility and burden. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to you all. I will just say I love you deeply and thank you! —Linda

After my session with Dale and Shara I feel light as a feather, I am broad-smiled and laughing. Oh my God, finally, finally, finally I am relieved and released.  I am whole and finally feel free. I had the spiritual psychological “understanding” but certainly not enough real time experience.  Holistic healing must address all “bodies” at once, therefore all timelines at once.  All your story lines become exposed, cleared, understood and collapse. The weight is lifted, the charge released and ascension is now tangible.  Dale and Shara’s technique is the ‘lift off platform”. Make sure you are ready and make your appointment with them NOW!! Why waste any more time…Step up and ascend!! —Cynthia Davis

Allow me to begin by stating that as a lightworker myself, I have participated in many sessions where I am the one being “healed”…and although I consider myself to be quite conscious, I now see that I have been focusing on the healing of my feminine aspects only…I forgot that since we all have Divine Masculine/Feminine aspects, that we must also “heal” both sides of our “selves”.

At the beginning of my session (via telephone) with Dale & Shara, I was asked a series of questions and was  scanned energetically.  Dale & Shara pointed out some areas where I was having resistance (all confirmed and felt by me…most significant was a feeling of unworthiness), and then we dove right in and down to the core of the wound!

I felt gently guided (easy for me to use the word “gentle” as I was completely READY for this healing…those that may not be as ready as I was may not feel it so gently)…as we went back thousands of years to the beginning of the lifetime where my masculine was wounded.  I resonated with all ideas and/or story lines that Dale & Shara presented (even though they stated that I might not), and was guided to create a space where I could heal this wound with an individual from this final lifetime.

I will not get into the details however, I will state that at the end of the session I was able to know and feel my worthiness (which I had felt before but it was fleeting, due to the fact that I had not healed my Divine Masculine).

I highly recommended a session with Dale & Shara if you want to take a quantum leap forward in your path of enlightenment!

This is it!  All Feminine and Masculine Aspects are Healed!!!  Ready to go!!!

With deep appreciation and love,

Renee Marie


I experienced Shara and Dale’s extraordinary “Quantum Integrative Healing” session a few weeks ago and it was one of the most amazing and powerful energy sessions I have ever experienced … and I have had many sessions over many years from others.  In response to an event, I had felt some very deep and disturbing feelings that I could not source.  It was confusing until I underwent a session with Shara and Dale in which they led me to a past life in which awareness and understanding completely cleared my deep feelings and helped me to come back to my Self.  My body felt the feelings so deeply, there was no question in my mind that these gifted facilitators were right on the button.  I highly recommend this powerful work.”

Trish Regan, Co-founder Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii


Hello My Dear New Friends,

My meeting with the two of you was the most moving and inspiring experience I have ever had.
Clearing my hurts from the past with Dale’s gentle suggestion and your guidance Shara, was beyond anything I have ever had in my life and probably a lot from past lives.  I even woke up this morning with love for my mom in my heart.

I kept waking up last night, I think I was exposed to so many things that I just had to keep coming back into the 3rd dimension to feel as if I was in control.  I feel that there are many who want to communicate with me that it throws me in a spin, but never before have I had a sense of knowing who I am and belonging, knowing where I come from and the Divine reasons I am here.  Why all the drama played out in my life to bring me to this point.



I felt a shift in my physical body, as well as energetically after my session with Dale and Shara.  When I got home I wanted to write down some notes in my journal, but when I picked it up, I couldn’t do it – it was my OLD journal with old energy!  I had to start a NEW journal with my new being.  Thank you so much you two, for offering this work and holding a safe space for me to open and expand!



I so appreciate the loving and compassionate space Shara and Dale hold for deeply transformative healing. With their gracious, intuitive, and gentle facilitation, i experienced a deep transformation of old patterns and opened to a new joyous balance of heart and soul. Thank you, Dale and Shara, for the gift of your healing wisdom, compassion, and love!

Namaste, Shirley

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