Experiencing clarity, lucid dreams, clairvoyance, a greater understanding

When words are inscribed on paper, they hold an ever lasting power. I wrote to both of you, Dale and Shara, to thank you for helping me move through this intense and difficult part of my journey. When I had my breakthrough… The breaking down of my belief systems, I completely withdrew from the world. The plan was to stay isolated until physical death. Fortunately, like suicidal ideation/attempt, that was not an option.

This lifetime, I chose to experience extremes. Physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse. My inner child suffered neglect, abandonment, and a loss of self. The contrast I experienced were egregious and devastating to my inner child. Some of these issues were carried into adulthood. My only coping mechanism were alcohol, isolation, inflicting corporal pain and many more self-destructive behaviors. This cycle of abuse went on and on, until I had had enough. This path of self-loathing to, ultimately, unconditional love had reached it’s peak. Through a series of delightfully designed circumstances, our paths crossed. At this juncture in my Spiritual Quest, it was time to seek the counsel of others. You showed up. And when you showed up, I resisted. Silly ego decided there was too much anger for a healing to take place.

For so many years I suppressed my anger. This anger grew into rage. A rage so fierce, it could punch a whole into this world. For over two decades I immersed myself in self-help books, conventional therapy, spiritual seminars, and a plethora of healing modalities. These all helped to heal parts of my energetic, mental and emotional bodies. However, the deeper wounds continued to deplete and block me. Dale, you were able to identify the areas in all four of my bodies that had been severely affected. Shara, you went to the heart of the matter.

After our session, I felt as if this heavy sorrow and weight had been lifted. My body was rejuvenated and energized. I am experiencing clarity, lucid dreams, clairvoyance, and a greater understanding… A complete and amazing expansion. I am filled with love. I am reconnected.

I now have a greater sense of awareness and understanding.

Infinitely Grateful!