A whole new or renewal of purpose

It is the day after my session and my heart is still so full of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation  for the awareness, healing and integration that our session together has brought me. As you know I have done a lot of successful self-work and I am hesitant to go to “others” for assistance. I found that having this session with you and experiencing the techniques you use were perfect to help me overcome my resistance to knowing and taking my next step. I feel whole and re-born with a whole new zest for life; a whole new story to anticipate partaking in; feeling safe to step into my power and the truth of who I am, no need to hold me back or have a “governor” on my heart. A whole new or renewal of purpose – one coming from Love and Joy rather than responsibility and burden. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to you all. I will just say I love you deeply and thank you!