Sananda’s Urgent Message to the World

Sananda’s Urgent Message to the World – We must get Keshe’s work out, for his protection and our benefit!

I want to send a brief message to the world about the current wave of change which is coming.  It will bring unbelievable prosperity and comfort for all God’s people, beyond anything that has ever been known on this planet.

The first step toward complete freedom has already been accomplished.  The Keshe Foundation of Taiwan has released the entire contents of the patents and blueprints which will make life-changing technologies available to the entire world.  The plans are free to the world, simple to follow, and will provide free energy, medical breakthroughs, and methods for food production.  I am asking all of you to go to the links which our dear Lady Portia and Lady Nada will provide on their website and Facebook pages.  It is imperative that thousands of people have copies of these plans, before those who would stop it have a chance to quash this information.

Each one of you must send the links on to others, and ask that they copy and store the information in a safe place.  Those with an interest in these technologies may begin using the information immediately.  The Foundation has asked only that those who share these gifts with humanity sign their pledge to use them for peaceful purposes.

This is a third step toward complete Disclosure.  The cigar-shaped ship over the Ukraine and the rescue of Flight 370 were the first two incidents which have made the presence of your Star Family known to the world.  As the coming weeks unfold, you will learn how important these events have actually been, and how much the world will have changed because of them.

You see, we are introducing ourselves to Planet Earth gradually.  All our actions will bring enormous benefits to the people, but must be done carefully to protect those involved.  Mr. Keshe is under our protection, as are others who are helping to bring these blessings to you.  His greatest protection will come from the fact that his information is so widely distributed and understood that it can never again be suppressed.

In a message to the world this past Sunday, St. Germain presented a heartfelt appeal to all to raise vibrations to overwhelm the current log-jam of negative energy which has been holding back the release of the revaluation of currencies and its subsequent flood of prosperity funds.  Only the concerted effort of thousands of Lightworkers can create the power of Love and Light which can win the day.  PIcture our team kicking the spectacular goal to end the game in triumph, or our relay track team crossing the finish line after a long and arduous run for the gold.  This is what we require now, Beloved Ones.

And so I ask all of you, in the name of the Company of Heaven, for the benefit of all humankind, to join with me in a full-out lifting of energies on this day, March 17, to top all other moments of high consciousness.  Think of it as a new Harmonic Convergence, using the energies of the spring solstice and the full moon to reflect and augment the rising tide of hope, laughter, friendship and joy.  I will give you a meditation to help you raise your own energies to contribute to the great wave of goodwill and happiness which will carry the day.

Begin by resting comfortably, preferably with your back against a tree and your bare feet firmly on the ground.  If your weather conditions do not permit a long sojourn with nature, a few minutes will suffice.  Breathe deeply, feeling the blood coursing through your veins and the air nourishing and sustaining you.  In and out, listen to the breath moving through you, and know that all beings, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, feel the same touch of the air which touches you.  Know that Mother Earth feels the beat of your heart and your footfalls on her body.  Know that God and all the Spirit Realm celebrate your existence here as the brilliant member of the Creator Race you really are.

The energy of darkness which has weighed down so many, which has probably in the past filled you with dread and anxiety, is now being defeated by your rising feelings of Love toward Mother Earth, God and All That Is.  You, Beloved Child of the Universe, are coming into your own.  You are recognized as the courageous being of Light you really are, hidden under the temporary clothing which is your present human body.  You are rising, as the sun rises, as the moon shines her blessed Light upon your path.

You, individually and together with other Lightworkers are now lifting the pall of Darkness that has held back the monumental Shift which has been hanging in the balance, moving ever closer to the tipping point.  Now, Dear Ones, push with all your might, sending your Love and Light outward, shining brighter than ever before.  Together we are changing the world, now, now as we join in Joy and Triumh.

Rejoice, Dear Brothers and Sisters.  We join together at last, whole, fulfilled, and standing in glorious anticipation, to share the abundance and freedom which is our birthright.

Sing with me, at the top of your voice:  “We are the ones.  We are the Children.  We are the ones who’ll make a better day, so let’s start giving.”  Give of your Heart.  Feel the surging energy of your heartmind, and envision the New Day which brings a tsunami of Love for every single being on this Beloved Planet.

And now, Dear Friends, let us dance in the streets and make a joyful ruckus, for WE are the New Beginning, the Creators of the New Golden Age!

I love you beyond words,

Your Sananda/Jesus

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Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 17, 2014, 8 PM, New York

This message can be copied and shared, providing it is reproduced in its entirety without deletions or additions and credit is given to its author and website,


How Banks Have Been Stealing Our Money


Vol. 1  – The Global Accounts:

Today, there is much talk about the Global Accounts. However, even though there is growing public awareness of these accounts, there are no clear explanations as to what these accounts are, where they came from and why they exist and how they affect us, “We, the People”.  

It is my hope to create a better and wider understanding as to how and why these accounts affect everything we do. They affect us in every way, not just because they exist, but because if they did not exist, it may well be at this time mankind would have already obliterated itself and all civilization.

The Global Accounts have an enormous effect on our lives, in everything we do, everything we have and or own, even to our legal rights within a community and our capacity to function as a family. For over 50 years they existed outside of public knowledge, while we who are affected so much by them, have been prevented from any knowledge about them. All knowledge lay with a very few Bankers and Politicians who have been in bed with each other or in each other’s pockets.

First question to be asked is do these account really exist. The answer is yes, but the existence of these accounts was never revealed publicly until around 1998, when an obscure and highly secretive organization in Cambodia slowly came into focus on various due diligence chat boards. At first they were derided as a bunch of scammers and con men, though nobody could ever show what the supposed scam was.


The organization set up in Cambodia in 1995/6 was known as the Office of H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam. The Chairman of this Office was bound by rules of extreme secrecy, but strangely enough the key operative within this Office, a rather gregarious Australian in the person of a certain Keith Francis Scott, was bound only by the constraints placed on him by Dr. Dam.  Scott and Dam had a strange but very close relationship as Scott was the only person Dam tolerated argument from in all the years they worked together. Argue they often did, but this allowed them to see all sides of an issue and so in all important matters, it was very rare for anything to be done without discussion between these two. These arguments were always about issues, never personal, and they would argue till they agreed.

Contrary to popular belief, this Office successfully acted whenever they were asked to and whenever they had to. They were almost never seen in anything, but those in the know understood that a number of Bank Chairmen were forced to stand down or were dismissed because of their activities.  

Dam and his officers had the right to draw salaries from the UN Office of financial constraints in Geneva and to be an openly known Office of the UN, but these options were never taken up because of Dam’s previous experience of being controlled by Governments. The attitude of Dr. Dam was “take the devil’s money or give homage to the devil’s authority, then you are obliged to do the devil’s bidding”

OITC maintained their independence and survived and paid their own way through commodity trading. They initiated many things, they blocked many things and they ended the banking careers of a number of people who were abusing and misusing these accounts.  To this day, they are greatly misunderstood.

During October 1988, Dr. Ray C. Dam, then gold signatory for the G5 Governments and known to be a Commissioner of the Tripartite Gold Commission that had been set up in 1944 under the Bretton Woods Agreement (New Hampshire 1944) was elected to be the Sole Signatory of the Global Accounts.  In 2003, after meetings with NSA Agents and Scott in New Jersey, USA, the Office of H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam was renamed Office of International Treasury Control. The job of Dr. Ray C. Dam was that of gatekeeper and controller and as such he was owner/final signatory of the Global Accounts.


This work began in 1921 when the late Emperor Hirohito of Japan called a meeting of all leaders and Sovereigns in London in 1921. The First World War had seen almost 40 Million people killed, but worse, the First World War had spawned the Versailles Treaty and most of the wiser leaders knew it would be a precursor to a Second World War.  The biggest concern was mankind’s growing capacity for self destruction. The other concern was the understanding of how the gold standard had been the real precursor of war. World leaders decided it must change to a system devised in 1908 at Jekyll Island, USA.  Between 1921 and 1934 all the requisites for holding and controlling the centralized wealth of the world in centralized accounts were put into place. With Hirohito was a young Military Officer, later attaché to the Japanese Embassy in London, Lt. Shigenori Kuroda. (remember that name)

For those who doubt any of this, then in this day of information, check where Hirohito went during his time in Europe in 1921 and his Military Attache was Shigenori Kuroda. He went to London where he met the King of England, then the King of Italy, the King of Belgium, the King of Yugoslavia and then met the French and German leaders. These countries were the founding members of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which was set up as the record keeper of these global accounts between the Central Banks and Treasury Departments. The Federal Reserve did not participate, but the banks that owned the Federal Reserve also became members of the BIS. The BIS was established on January 20, 1930. All countries that join the BIS sign an agreement that the assets of the BIS cannot be seized or frozen or sequestrated in any way.

In 1933 came the Foreign Gold Act. This same act was replicated throughout the world and all gold bullion and coin gold had to be surrendered to their respective central banks, where it became the property of each country’s National Treasury. This was the beginning of removing the Gold Standard and the creating of Fiat currencies. The days of private gold ownership was over. The gold was hidden away, but the registration of it is in the BIS. All the gold looted through the Second World War and the gold all countries gathered from 1933, was secured, hidden and recorded. It is all in use as underwriting to all money.

The National Treasuries all hold this wealth within the Global Accounts, not just gold, but all National Wealth, including the worth of their citizens in future earnings and taxes. This wealth underpins all  money in the world. This gold and wealth is owned by all of us in a common fund established to remove the subjugation of Nations and we each have our claim and right to that wealth through our Birth Certificate. As a citizen of any country, we have equitable right and access in proper purpose to those Global Accounts. All this wealth is the money of substance that underpins what we know as money, i.e., money of account. When you borrow money from a bank, the bank simply ledgers that value as an asset of the bank, which because the Public Charter of the bank makes it an escrow holder and third party debt collector for the National Treasury, that ledger entry is a debt ledger entered against the Treasury itself.  The Treasury is then supposed to draw the funds and the underwriting from the Global Accounts.

Centralizing this wealth was a great idea. It was right. It created a system that works, but could work perfectly if not for the powers later given to commercial banks who have converted the entire planned system into the fraud it has become. (how and why this occurs will be for another discussion)


Fiat currencies are all backed and underwritten by this wealth. It has always been backed by this wealth.  Fiat currencies appear to have no intrinsic value in order to hide the truth about how your birth certificate is used, what its value is, why you have social security numbers and what your social security card is and what it means.

Fiat currencies are not and never have been currencies without intrinsic value, they are flexible currencies backed by real value, the value of the Birth Certificates of the people which in turn is the equitable share of the Global Accounts. Your US Dollar has always been backed by gold, you just never knew it because of the phrase on it “In God We Trust”.

Where Fiat currencies become of no intrinsic value, is through the fraud and manipulation by banks when they convince people that a lie is the truth. When banks operate outside their public charter, they bring the entire banking system into jeopardy. Banks today routinely operate outside their charter and this is why people and countries are going into bankruptcy.

In 2011, Keith Scott was helping Neil Keenan in his law suit (you know, the trillion dollar law suit). During that time, so the story goes, Keenan was also talking to the Finance Minister of Ireland. Keenan mentioned to Scott about the concerns facing the Irish Finance Minister.  Scott told Keenan that Ireland (the country) never owed money and that the debts did not exist. According to Scott, it was all smoke and mirrors. Keenan asked Scott to write an explanation on that. Scott wanted to deepen his explanation on the mechanics with a deeper moral explanation and looked to Winston Shrout, a well known educator on commerce, who provided that. Between them, they provided a paper for the Finance Minister of Ireland which explained how money is created. That explanation set out the following scenario.

Ireland borrows money;  Banks lend Ireland money that really belongs to Ireland;  So, in truth the banks loaned nothing, but then in return demand Ireland repay the Banks in real money, principal plus interest, for money the banks never really loaned them.

From the Letter sent to Ireland via Neil Keenan:

The money is created against the signature of the note maker. The bank is a converter and escrow holder, neither the holder of the note in due course, nor the legal owner of the value.

To claim otherwise the bank must produce documentary proof that it loaned the money. No bank is able to do this, for to do so, they must also show that they loaned the money from their own capital funds. No bank does that.

For the bank to claim otherwise, they would have to prove that they are the owner of the “signature” that created the note and contract … they never signed it so they have no claim.  Their only real defense would be that they own the ‘signature’ on the documents. That would be a totally ridiculous defense.

The only way the bank can prove it is the owner of the mortgage is to prove it loaned their own money.

When a bank creates money, the money is not their money.  It is money created from the extended credit of the note maker.  The bank is not the owner of the note. The end owner of the note is the Treasury and the owner of the obligations of the Treasury in relation to that note.

Basically what Scott is alluding to here, is that each country has equitable access to the Global Accounts via their National Treasury Department, who is the holder of rights on behalf of their citizens. Any debt note issued by Ireland is issued against Ireland’s entitlements from the Global Accounts and therefore the banks who simply created a ledger entry against the Global Accounts (where all people and all countries have equitable access) then demanded payment in real money, not a ledger entry, from Ireland for lending them money they had stolen from Ireland through deception. All Ireland had to do was say “Ireland will pay its debts, but first prove to us that you loaned us the money” The banks could not, because they never did loan anything. They had simply extended Irelands credits in the Global Accounts. The debts of Ireland had no basis, but the Banks of Ireland, who belong within the commercial system do. This knowledge was not a total panacea, as the political pressures make everything difficult.

It is the same with your mortgage. You as note maker on a promissory note that is underwritten by your entitlements based on your Birth Certificate, are simply being robbed when the Bank says they loaned you the money. The problem is public policy that has been created outside of the knowledge of truth.

However, all this is for a future edition.

Next edition will look at how the global accounts actually work and those who claim they will “free them”.

Peace and Blessings to all;


From the depths of darkness and the hiding place of demons, let there come forth the dark light of hidden knowledge, for only in the light of knowledge is there freedom.


Volume 2 – Global Accounts


The concepts of Jekyll Island were actually well intended. The men who attended the Jekyll Island meeting were nation builders, they were tough and had grown up through tough times and they understood that the biggest threat to them was a financial system that failed to function well. They understood they needed a system that could be expanded and or contracted as necessary. They knew that any threat to the little guy was a far greater threat to them as it could unravel everything they had built. The same system had to be used by everyone and the stronger and more resilient that system was, the better. However, they did work out a way of keeping their advantage. That is why we, the ordinary everyday people know nothing about how it all works.

Further, they understood all gold and gold coin had to be centralized with all having fair access. It was this concept drawn out from Jekyll Island that was expanded on in the London Pact between Nations 1921. They understood that the best system was a system where equity is easily achieved, that equity in property was collateral (money of substance) and that substance could be leveraged to create further value, and on creation of value, that additional value could also be leveraged to create further value and in doing so the financial system would always be in equity and if held that way, through debt we could create cycles of wealth. Keep debt and substantive value together and we have equity. In turn, through fractional banking, this system when properly managed guaranteed economic growth that would meet every need.

In 2011, after Ireland made their position clear, Christine Legarde who is head of the IMF said “Banks may need to go back to where they were in 1954. Over time they have employed the best legal minds and have slowly and incrementally changed how banking is carried out, always to their advantage and to satisfy their demand for greater profits. They have lobbied politicians and changed the rules too far”  After Ireland had refused to repay debts they had shown were not real debts, but a fraud imposed upon them, Legarde was the first IMF head to state the obvious.

The problems have occurred because the bankers have been allowed to self regulate. When that happened, it is basically putting foxes in the chicken house.  Look at all the past Treasury Secretary’s, all the past Federal Reserve Chairmen and their connections to banks. In Europe today, after Ireland demonstrated their clear understanding about the indebtedness of Ireland, the European Union after being lobbied by the bankers removed the heads of Government of Greece, Spain and Italy and replaced them with former Goldman Sachs bankers. This was done immediately after Ireland told the IMF and foreign banks to take a hike as it was understood the leaders of these countries also had received the same information from Neil Keenan.  This is where the problem is.

The problem for the little guy is that he is blissfully unaware of how the financial system actually works.

In 1968 after the fall of Soekarno and with JFK dead, the entire structure set up by them under the Green Hilton Memorial Building Agreement 1961-1963, had been taken over by some very clever bankers led by Nikolaus Senn, then Chairman of UBS. Together with one particular trustee of the system in Ferdinand Marcos who wanted to steal everything for the benefit of the Philippines, they perverted the entire system and this in turn caused the tightening of global trade credits, which in turn caused Nixon to amend the Foreign Gold Act in 1971.

This in turn led to the worst thing ever. A hole in that act allowed banks to securitize assets of their clients, and that is where everything went wrong. The entire financial system was prostituted by banks securitizing and selling mortgages and this has become the achilles heels of banks as 2008 showed. Technically, banks are bankrupting people, nations and in the end game themselves, all in the name of short term profits.

Mortgages are the heart of the problem. What was originally planned was this. We have a central wealth repository, i.e. the Global Accounts a.k.a. Global Debt Facility.  All mortgages would be underwritten against this facility. That means that when you issue a mortgage note, which contains a promissory note, the person who issues that note uses the value of their Birth Certificate to underwrite that note. When that note is deposited as an asset of the National Treasury, the pass back to the Treasury assures the payment as promised in the promissory note within the mortgage note. That birth certificate calls on the gold in the Global Accounts as the surety of the promise made by the Note Maker, thus the promise becomes a bankable, guaranteed asset.

That note then becomes substantive (money of substance) and the money created is backed by the gold of the global accounts. The house one purchases is part of the security, but it is inadequate because of the interest payment. For example the house may be worth 100,000 but the interest component is another 150,000.  Therefore the house on its own is inadequate surety on the promise to pay. Without adequate surety, the promise is not bankable. The Birth Certificate when combined with proper pass back of repayments to the Treasury (the repayment due under the promissory note should go Treasury Direct) which in turn pay for the surety or guarantee of the promise (guaranteed from the Global Accounts by your birth certificate). That is how it should work.

Instead, today we have the banks, still using the birth certificate as surety on the promise and then instead of making pass back to the Treasury, they convert the title to the asset (mortgaged thing) into a security and sell the security as an asset of the bank. Essentially, what they are doing is mirroring the Global Accounts, not accessing them through their National Treasuries. This in turn is like filling out the papers for an insurance policy to establish prudential surety, which they give the note maker, but not the Treasury as they wish to avoid the pass back of repayments to the Treasury.  Therefore, because there is no pass back to the National Treasury, when things go wrong because the banks are pocketing the premium instead of paying it to the insurance company, the debt is uninsured.  The banks lie to the note maker and cheat him, as they failed to insure the note as they promised to do. They have cheated the note maker because they cheated the Treasury of the pass back to Treasury Direct and stolen and misused the note maker’s entitlements within the Global Accounts. Everything is predicated on lies and cheating. If we, the citizen did this, we would quite deservedly be locked up.

Let us revert to the paper Scott prepared for Ireland.:

(Note: the following relates to an explanation of how borrowing money and the mortgage system that was in the letter to Ireland.)

The Market view (of money, what it is and how it works) is all a lie. That is an uncomfortable fact that will bankrupt the world if allowed to continue. 

The forgoing explains how things are done today, sadly none of the forgoing procedures is legal. Sad, because countries (not Governments) have lost untold trillions, people have been robbed of their homes and produce and those who purchased CMO’s (Collateral Mortgage Offerings) actually bought nothing, for the simple reason as I will explain, the Banks did not lend any money and the CMO’s they offer are purely fictional and fraudulent.

How Mortgage Securitization Moved to Perpetual and Revolving Fraud. The process of securitization did three things.

  1. It opened up the mortgage market to public investment in what appeared to be a totally secured market where invested funds were backed by bricks and mortar. This was a lie as the banks had not secured either themselves or the investors.
  1. In contrast to the appearance, the bricks and mortar became leveraged to the maximum level the banks could manage to create.
  1. The underwriting was drawn from the Public Side and the income went to the Private Side of the bank’s ledgers. Not only was the underwriting drawn from the public side, but that drawing was a mere pretense as the use of the Public Funds by Private Entities was never authorized as the asset of value was not registered in the National Treasury, and therefore the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts could never be called on to sustain the mortgages or provide the protection promised to investors. When those banks had to answer their own internal fraudulent arrangements, it bankrupted them.

From the above, we can all see that it is not the monetary system that is at fault. It is how it is accessed and used by banks that is the problem. It is not that the Global Accounts need to be released, it is only that they should be used correctly. What a problem it is. What the average person in the western world does not realize or understand is, that directly and indirectly, they pay banks around US$12,000 dollars per year per family.  Why is this? It is because we allow Banks to steal from us because we do not know or understand what money actually is, how it actually works or what we pay for and how much we pay for it.

Everyone complains about income tax. They fail to realize that income tax increases because the National Treasury is not receiving what it should receive from the banks. The banks are making massive profits by stealing this money so they can pay big dividends to their shareholders and the shareholders do not give a hoot how the bank makes money, as long as it does. Bank profits increase and so the share price of the bank increases. It is a dog chasing its own tail.  Banks do not earn this money, they steal and deceive and divert profits that should be going to the National Treasuries to their own benefit.

This is the problem and it needs fixing.


Malaysia Flight 370? Galactic disclosure and Nesara

Hollow Earth Network  broadcast link for Mar 15, 2014 


Sananda spoke first; a very important message for our coming education.
 Peter Olson’s comments, enlightening our understanding of Ascension.
Zaraya tells more about animals within Hollow Earth, Sirius, more. – Zorra reviews Ashtar’s / Zorra’s “conflicting” comments on last Wednesday’s call regarding Flight 370; explains the plan now underway with airplane’s passengers to bring NESARA to global governments and… Disclosure. RV news. – Ukraine: beginning of Disclosure. – UFO fleet just arrived via wormhole. – St Germain and our evolution underway… governments know real story of Flight 370 and talking together … passengers to be heard … how the plan will unfold … importance of managing our response and comments … Laminine and Soul, special help from special sources  preparing for Ascension … When Prime Creator neutralizes ALL weapons …

Hollow Earth Network broadcast, 15-Mar-14 Transcript of Radio show

Anne, Peter/Tarsus, Kathryn May, Zaraya and Quasar were all on the call. [Note:  I have omitted some of the chitchat.]

Anne:  It’s been three years since we started listening to Zorra of Hollow Earth.  This may sound a little strange to the new people.  How do we talk to Zorra in Hollow Earth?   Back in 1947, Admiral Byrd made his famous flight into Hollow Earth and became acquainted with wonderful highly advanced civilizations.  It was a paradise, and so far ahead of us.  He learned all he could and wanted to let everyone know about this higher technology and how the Hollow Earth people are trying to reach and help us.  Also, we surface-dwellers needed to stop our nuclear programs and using fossil fuels.  He carried these messages and the identity of this civilization.

We didn’t hear abou tit;  there was a gag order on Admiral Byrd and he was institutionalized.  We didn’t hear about Hollow Earth, either.  In 1951, Zorra in Hollow Earth asked his twins to go to the surface.  (They were only 1,800 years old, mere youths in Hollow Earth terms, while Zorra was 150,000 years old.) They were game for anything!  Zorra asked if they would be his emissaries, and trade their 14’ tall bodies for human infant 3-D bodies here on the surface, so that he could establish communication.  They agree to go, and now, 62 years later, Zaraya might be wondering if it was all necessary because he didn’t really make the communication that he came here to do.  The whole story is featured on the HEN channel on BlogTalkRadio.

Yes, Zaraya and his twin sister came up here, and they tried to establish communication, but it didn’t happen until 2011, when six of us got on a call with someone who had been to Hollow Earth six times;   when he called me, I said I was game, and my whole life changed.  We got acquainted with Billie Faye Woodard, and I was so astounded I forgot to record half the call.  We said we wanted to do this again, and agreed to do it every two weeks.  Zaraya said yes, and that he would introduce us to his father, Zorra.  So we did that, three years ago almost to the day, and we were introduced to Zorra.  Zaraya and Zorra have the ability to exchange their bodies, quickly and effortlessly, and suddenly we are speaking with Zorra, and it even looks like a different person in the same body.  Let’s hear from Zaraya first…

My name is Anne, I am in southern Arizona, and it is Saturday 15. March, 2014.  I feel like this will be quite an historical call.  Jane will be moderating the call with our speakers.  We just got a message from Sananda (Jesus), and he would like to speak to us first through Kathryn May.

Sananda:  Greetings, beloved ones, it is I, Sananda.  It has been quite a week!  LastWednesday’s messages left many with their heads spinning. It gives us a teaching opportunity.  All of you heard from Ashtar who gave a sweeping description of how his crews rescued flight 370.  Now, that session has been transcribed and will be put out for you to read, and it’s in the blogtalkradio archives.  S o many listened to Ashtar’s message and said “this is wonderful, the plane has been rescued and we will see the passengers again.”  Then St Germain addressed the same issue and in his description he tried to broaden your perspective, so you could understand that this was not simply a plane crash averted, but  that it will be connected to many things including Disclosure.  Of course, once the passengers are brought back, it will be very clear that the UFO rescuing them was indeed from the Ashtar Command and that this was a humanitarian gesture.

Now, those passengers will have a great deal to say, and you grasped that.  Then came Father God and he added another piece.  This is a teaching method we use. The Masters often use this process to introduce new information. They give you a piece, allow you to digest it, and then give you another piece to expand your mind, then another piece.  In the process, the information may be a bit different than you heard it before.  Many are stuck in ‘yes-no’ or either-or ways of thinking – reductionist thinking that has to prove something is wrong in order to prove another thing is right.  This is a misuse of the scientific method, but a natural one.  It reduces things into their smallest common denominator, and this is what you try to do. Every time you are given information you immediately compare it to other information, and if there is some discrepancy, you must discard something.  Then you are in a tizzy because you don’t know which thing to discard. 

That’s how many of you proceeded with this information.  Many of you filled the airwaves with this doesn’t agree, Father God contradicted Ashtar! Of course, he didn’t.  We don’t operate that way, and also there was no contradiction, simply an opportunity to open your minds and take a different approach to learning.  It’s more like the Socratic method, where you are presented with a piece of information, you absorb it, and then you are given another piece of information.  If there is something about the two that doesn’t quite match, then you are invited to expand your heart and mind, and search for a third truth, a higher level of truth that might explain both pieces of information in a higher way. 

Do you understand?  You do not need to compare and contrast and discard.  We do not work with hierarchies of information.  You have been told:  there is no time, and this means that things do not become before and after in our descriptions though we sometimes tailor it that way to make it easier for you.  There is no “either/or”;  there is always MORE.  And that more will transcend what you have already been told.  I am telling you this to help you learn how to think.  You don’t know how to think and it causes you great pain and confusion.

You are going to be given more information today, and, it will not be to ease your confusion or resolve conflict between Ashtar and Father God. There was no conflict between them. 

This is an important lesson for all of you.  You were given two pieces of information.  They are not in conflict.  What does your mind do?  I have to go over them again and see where the discrepancies were?  No, I must open my heart and open my mind, and search for a higher truth and hope that our Masters will bring more light, will expand the teaching so that I will have more information.  That is how we work, and how we have helped you come along little by little into the light.  Today will be a wonderful case study and teaching moment;  it will allow you to learn how to think.   We will ask someone to transcribe this lesson, and when you write to one of our messengers saying “this doesn’t make sense;  why do you contradict what was said last year?” then you will be given the transcript of this lesson.  You will find, ultimately there are no contradictions, simply different ways of offering information and looking at information. In the great universe that is there for all of you to learn about, do not try to reduce it to the smallest molecule or you will never understand anything of importance.

Have I opened your sights and encouraged you to think expansively rather than reductively?  That is the coming of the new age, a new way of thinking. Train yourselves not to fall back into the 3D thinking, which is all about dichotomies and contradictions, disparate things that need to be sorted through and reduced into one final answer.  You have heard the universe is expanding;  you must expand with it.  There is no final answer;  there is always more.  The more you find today will bring greater joy and light and peace to all of you.  Namaste.  I am your Sananda. That is the end of my message, and now you will have a wonderful call ahead.  I hope that my introduction helps.

Anne:  That is exactly what we needed to hear.  I’m so glad that you came to teach us to have more discernment, and I am eager to receive this transcription that will become a classic throughout the Hollow Earth Network. Thank you for taking the time, Sananda.  Let us move on with our call now;  I will turn the call over to Quasar and Zaraya, son of Zorra.  Peter, our senior adviser, is also standing by.  We are having very interesting conversations with Peter’s new call on blogralkradio on Tuesday nights.  It’s an open call, where people can ask questions and it can develop into a philosophical conversation.  Peter is attracting those who are in tune with his teachings and we are all getting to know each other.  This is posted on the Hollow Earth Network home page;  scroll down for the latest news and Breaking News.  Check that page when you get up and go to bed, so that we are all on the same page with current happenings.

With that, we are ready to move on and turn the call over to Quasar and Zaraya.  Soon she will see Zorra switch bodies with Zaraya.  I will open all your lines, and please make sure you do not have background noise.  If you want to add something, that line is available to you.  All the speakers’ lines are now open.

Quasar:  Godo morning, Lady Nada, Tartus, Kathryn, and of course I am here with my beloved Zaraya.  It is a wondrous, glorious, loving day!  We want to say Thank you to Kathryn for having Sananda speak with us today with his introduction of how today’s call will evolve.  It was quite eloquent, and fitting/appropriate. 

To start with, we have our beloved Tartus (Peter Olson) who has many teachings that are relevant.  Today, he has some other thought-provoking insights.  We also wish you Happy Birthday!  How many trips has it been around the sun for you?  Happy Birthday, Tartus!

Tartus:  Well, it’s 72 trips around the sun, a 9 number.  Today I want to give an image that might be helpful.  Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit;  but the strange thing is that the water is at 212 degrees before it starts to boil although the temperature is the same.  The analogy is that raising our vibrations back to 100% is reaching 212 degrees.  What else are we doing before the water changes state from water to steam, or it ascends.  Well, the answer is that we are replacing our unique beliefs with truth.  The real process is of getting our vibrations to 100% and holding them there.  That’s not a big deal to our total experience.  Then we need to replace our beliefs, one by one, that we have acquired over a lifetime.  There are many beliefs but only one Truth.  It’s simply a matter of replacing our beliefs with Truth. 

I love science and I’m going to use one particular example because it will make you feel better.   You do feel better at your light level.  By getting this to your conscious level, you will feel better at your total being level.  In science, there is something called the Casimir Effect.   You can Google it. (  You don’t have to be perfect!  The Casimir Effect says that when you get close enough, you will be pulled the rest of the way, as when magnets get close enough, then whoomph.  As we raise our vibrations and replace beliefs with Truth, the Casimir Effect takes over and pulls us the rest of the way. 

Just a teaser:  On Tuesday night, we will talk about the first four and first sixteen aspects – way before Love was created.  We have also heard Father God say this: it’s HARMONY.  That’s the foundation.  Once we had harmony, then all we needed was aspects, and once we had aspects, we had love. It’s really that simple.  We’ll talk about on Tuesday night during the radio show;  I’ll be talking about that before we go into Q+A.

Two weeks ago, the number of hits on skyrocketed.  Now, two weeks later, that is followed by a dedicated server, meaning it’s the only website on that server.  It has tremendous statistics, and every single country in the top 25 now checks ManyofOne.  It is all over the world, without any announcement.  This is the first time it’s been discussed. Now there are stats, and we have coverage all over the world.  That means the truth is going all over the world.  For whatever reason, people recognize Truth;  at their love level, they know, and we know because we are ‘they’ and we are love.  The Casimir Effect says we don’t have to do it all ourselves.  [There’s more of this but I didn’t catch it all.]

Love didn’t come along for billions of years.  When you check back through the process, you find that harmony is the foundation of love and that came years before love. It’s all explained on ManyofOne, and it enheartens me that this is spreading around the world.

Anne:  This information can only come from Prince Tartus.  Our network of calls – six or seven per week – is listed in the Breaking News section  Look for the radio tower for the listings and schedule.

Quasar:  Thank you, Tartus and Lady Nada.  Have a beautiful Happy Birthday!  Now we have Lady Portia (Kathryn) to tell us her happenings.

Kathryn:  Of course we are looking forward to tomorrow’s call with Sananda.  We have two radio lines:  ChannelPanel and HollowEarthNetwork.  Sananda’s calls is under ChannelPanel.  He takes us each week to one of the etheric retreats of the ascended masters.  He would like to go to the Lady Portia’s retreat over Ghana.  We invite people to come for healing and information.  Also, we are putting out the information now for our trip to Puerto Rico;  I’ll be speaking at a conference (28-30. March), then we will remain for ten days for Visual Centering workshops, healing sessions and other presentations similar to what we do on Wednesday nights.  We have two marvelous light-workers who will be translating into Spanish the whole time I’m there.  They have generously agreed to devote their time to making it a bilingual presentation.  We will be going to other places later as well.

Q:  You and Lady Nada are so very busy!  We thank you for bringing in Sananda for the healing for all of those who want to listen to Sananda.  It’s a marvelous way to connect and heal your selves.  All of you have all of this coming to you, so that we can spread love and light as we follow our particular missions.

Anne:  For tomorrow’s call, we had such a wonderful talk last week, even before the healing event began, and it’s very heartwarming to hear him speak to you personally, reassuring us that you can do your job, whatever it is.  Whether you need healing or not, the teachings come first.

Kathryn:   Really, this is training for Ascension.  These are really teaching calls.  Also, I am here at home for a week, so I’m available to do individual sessions.  Anyone who has asked for an individual time in the past, now is the time to arrange a Skype session.  Also, go to our Facebook page to enjoy lively discussions: HealingforAscensionTour.

Zaraya:  Hi, guys!  I want to remind you that everyone out there is One.  Everybody is One with Mother Nature and with their pets.  In Hollow Earth, the pets/animals communicate telepathically with us and each other. Trees also communicate with telepathy.  It is the universal language.  We are very close to that in this dimension. When you go out into nature, don’t take your phone, iPad or computer with you – no distractions because then your mind is racing and clogged up with useless junk. You need to be totally One with Nature, you laying against a tree with your bare feet on the ground.  Just be quiet, if you want to learn how to communicate with Nature.  You need to be grounded first, then quiet.   That’s when you go back to your roots and the essence of who you are.  There are tribes throughout the world that are connected with the cetacean nation, for example.  We saw a film about that called The Whale Dreamers.  Every culture (such as Aborigines and Native Americans and Asians) has been interconnected with the whales.  The place of ceremony to call the whales had been blocked, because people bought that area and created a platform to watch the whales (in Japan).  This is on the sacred land and they should not have been able to do that.  They had another issue with Killing the whales.  However, all the whaling vessels in the south Pacific, by Antarctica, they have been stalled out and their mechanics cannot figure out why the ships won’t start.  The ships refuse to function without any explanation as to why they don’t work.  So they are dead in the water as to whaling in the Antarctic.

(What about the whales, and sea creatures who have transitioned?  How do they live in HE?)  Some whales became extinct from whaling, but my father told me to let you know that the whales that vanished from the surface of the planet are on Sirius.  They are alive and well, so they didn’t really become extinct.  The same thing happened with the dolphins.  Those that perished on the surface transitioned to a higher plane.   

All the sea mammals came here of their own volition, to teach Man how to live as One, in One-ness with all life.  They coexist with all life;  they are very gentle creatures.  No whale is violent;  they came here for humanity.  The dolphins in captivity have also chosen that path to teach the young children the One-ness of family.  Their oversouls have chosen to be in captivity, where they are in direct communication with humans.

The cetaceans in HE are also telepathic and they communicate back and forth with us.  We eat vegetables and fruit in HE, or we can not eat anything at all if we prefer. We don’t eat our brothers and sisters;  it’s just not done like it is on the surface. You are eating your brothers and sisters when you eat fish or meats.  The cetacean nation ARE your brothers and sisters and you are interconnected with them. The sooner you realize that, the better off you will be.  If you annihilate the whale population, you also annihilate Mother Gaia and all live upon her. 

The whales are very significant.  In the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, a probe came from deep space to make contact with the whales.  They didn’t have any whales left to make contact with, so the aliens started re-terraforming the planet.  They had to go back in time to catch two whales to answer the probe to stop it from what it was doing. That scenario is not as far-fetched as you would think, because probes from Sirius do come to earth to communicate with the whales.  There is communication between our cetaceans with Sirius, their home world.  We cannot communicate with the Sirians, but the cetaceans can.

Tamsin:  I am looking forward to our grand tour into the universe.  A long-awaited Golden Age is currently accelerating its emergence on Earth.  Now that the history of wars is coming to an end, we can move on to bigger and better things.  There is a real possibility of heaven descending on earth.  We are thankful to All that Is for the metamorphosis.

The transition is happening more smoothly than many people expected.  [This person is speaking too swiftly for me to follow.]  I will be happy to share these gifts with anyone who contacts me.  Today I will show you how to become free of credit card debts.  The La Verite system will cancel these debts for those issued by banks in the US.  This will help save more people from debt.  I personally cancelled over 50K of debt back in 2002, without going to court and without problems since.  It has a proven track record, and allows you to cancel MasterCard, Visa and Discovery credit card debts without bankruptcy, plus American Express, anything that is an unsecured debt. Why compromise when you can eliminate debt.  You get to follow simple instructions on your computer, then print and send by certified mail.  It costs $300 and your purchase could be free if you have cash advances on your credit card.  It has 100% success rate.  Everyone who has used it has attempts at collection come to a halt.  It takes a few months for the attempts to stop, but they do stop.  One person maxed out her cards after her husband died, she found out they were not legitimate debts, and the system helped her make them stop. She has had no contact from those agencies since 2010.  We now have proof in writing, if you contact me by email:

The best asset-protection instrument is a very effective for you all to be free of income taxes.  Move your financial activities into this special type of common-law trust which is tax-exempt without any filing requirements in the IRS.  Even if you continue to file under your own name, if all of your commercial activity into this trust, you will have less personal income on which to pay taxes.  With the GCR and restoration of the US Republic, there is this time-tested financial instrument that I have been using since 1993. 

There is common law and statutory law.  Common law is more in line with natural law.  Statutory law is created by politicians.  A 501c3 foundation has to justify itself every year to the IRS.  This common law trust is renewable, and it doesn’t report to the IRS at all.  The only downside is that banks don’t understand these trust well, so you may have to search for one that will open an account.  My associate can set these up, and also has experience in other asset-protection structures. The pure common-law irrevocable trust has naturally tax-exempt and has no filing requirements.  It can hold bank accounts, real estate and other assets, and it can pay the bills and other commercial activities.  I can email you information on these trusts, including a letter from the IRS saying this structure is not taxable.  I can introduce you to my associate who is among the best at creating these entities. This associate keeps his client sout of trouble;  neither he nor his clients ever have legal issues.  I serve as a screen for him and his work. These trusts costs $1,500 each.  Again, email me if you would like more information

Q:  Thank you.  This is important information as it relates to our RV, which is happening now.


Hollow Earth Network 15-Mar-2014 Part 2
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Part 2:

Zorra (Father God):  Greetings, beloved Masters!  How be you today?  There has been more information concerned flight 370, and you have probably heard it on CNN insinuating that they were hijacked or to be used in terrorist activity.  None of that is true.

When Ashtar said the passengers were all safe, he was not mistaken.  He was telling the truth.  However, the being safe is not the way you understand it!  The way of being safe is that 75% of them were taken to Hollow Earth, and 25% chose otherwise because their oversouls had ordained it.  The ones in Hollow Earth are there in physical bodies;  the others transitioned, meaning they ascended in their physical bodies, then transformed to 5th dimensional bodies.  For example, Ramtha ascended in physical bodies.  These passengers did not succumb to death;  they ascended, and the aircraft went down.

So when the statement was made that all the passengers were safe, that was true; there was no contradiction.  It is the finite mind that always needs to analyze; people are welcome to do that, but many things are far beyond analysis.  When you analyze, you put in several understandings or logical steps to assume this or that, and in actuality it is the other, or neither. So for us to tell you that beings were taken to HE, and then I say some were in HE and others Ascended, that is also true.

In the news today, they said the plane had been hijacked because of a deliberate action.  But there was not a hijacking.  We stopped the plane in midair and gave the passengers the option to come or to go.  If it had been a hijack, none of that would have been relevant.  This is just another perception given to you to instill fear.  All you hear on the news is to prevent your understanding that they were taken. 

What happened was that the aircraft took off, flew north and off the coast of Malaysia it suffered a catastrophic hydraulic failure, meaning the flags were frozen in a position that would have taken the aircraft upward into oblivion, or a lower orbit above the planet. It would have imploded before reaching that height.  We intercepted the ship before it got to that height.  It was a malfunction and it would have been certain death for all if the aircraft had continued, so we removed them from the craft, except for those who chose to ascend.  As the craft dropped from the sky, they were transformed and taken to their 5th dimensional bodies.  They are now wherever they desired to be:  Hollow Earth, their home planets, wherever they desired.  

Many are in Hollow Earth, where they are celebrating with the rest of us for the imminent reunion between the surface and the Agarthan people.  This airplane incident was a surprise for all those taking part;  it was essential for the ‘changing of the guard’, or change of governance on the planet.  The people in HE have volunteered to be ‘hostage’ to be able to enact NESARA law on the surface.  There are things that must take place on the surface, and this incident is part of creating that change.  This is how it is going to play out:  NESARA law was passed in Congress but it was not publicly released.  For that to occur, the governance must change back to a constitutional government.  To enable this announcement to be made, and this even with the Malaysian craft became a tool to do this.   The passengers will not be returned until NESARA is publicly announced by the relevant governments.  AT this moment, the governments do not know that these people are in HE, but it is being announced to them now:  to China, the USA and other governments.  Indeed, every one of your Presidents – since Washington – has had contacts with the Galactic Federation although the common people did not know this.  This is documented in the ancient writings of your culture.  The passengers will come forth during disclosure, as a ploy to bring about the enactment of NESARA law and the change of the guard, meaning reversion to a peaceful government for the people.

There are still element sin the government trying to prevent things that must occur.  So your blessing is about to unfold, as you all expect, so that is also in the works.  I know you are still waiting, and that is wonderful that you are peacefully waiting rather than shouting or rioting. You are doing it quietly;  you are learning patience.  We are no longer overseeing this process because it is done.  You will see this within hours or days, but I will not give a date.  It can happen at any time, because there are no more glitches or obstacles.

What is the situation over the Ukraine?  Going back to the aeroship that appeared over the Ukraine, it is from the Sirius star system that appeared out of nowhere.  It wasn’t there, and then it was.  Then it slowly traversed a portion of the sky, and at the moment, all hostilities on the surface ceased.  They stopped fighting in that area because they saw that craft.  Then your media tried to proclaim it was a US military aircraft, which was not true.  If it had been, it would have been fired upon in Russian airspace.  There was much power involved there, too.  Because it was from Sirius, it was there for another purpose:  to collect some whales.  It picked up some whales from the Bering Straits that were in danger of being annihilated.  It also had delegates from other star systems:  Arcturians, Pleiaideans, and Andromedans.  Prime Creator was in charge of the ship, not Ashtar. 

It’s not about ‘either-or’, it’s about opening your minds to further expansion.  All the info you are receiving is for your benefit and for expansion, as well as being the truth.  It is to expand your minds to the possibility of a new reality.  Your sense of reality is expanding and we are helping it expand even more, and allowing you to remember who you are.  Do not listen to the finite mind of what comes to you through the media or news, because that is used as a ploy to instill fear into your hearts, and this you do not want. Discard the fear from your vocabularly.  Once you have done so, your lives will change in more ways than you can imagine. 

The appearance of that ship was the beginning of Disclosure.  It is giving you more incentive to look to your skies.  Always look up in your daily lives.  Take your eyes off the ground in front of you or straight ahead of you, to expand your understanding and raise your eyes to the sky.  You will see the ships that are coming.  The suite of UFOs on youtube came out of a wormhole and they took up positions around planet Earth, not just Mexico but everywhere.  People from many countries were able to see that.

Many have questions.  I wish for my brother St Germain to say a few words. Kathryn?

St Germain:  Greetings, it is I, St Germain.  I came with no warning, but I’m sure Kathryn is willing to carry my message to you. It’s such an exciting time, and Father God has hinted at many things today.  Let us proceed with Sananda’s caution that onc e you hear hints of things to come, don’t leap upon the hints and assume that’s all there is. Expand your minds.  You are being taught to think as God thinks, in the Golden Age.  It is within your capability to do this;  you need to expand rather than contract, as Sananda was saying.

I spoke last time about the connection between the passengers and NESARA law.  It is our intention and hope to create the shift across the entire globe.  Those in North America have focused so on your countries, as if NESARA is only for you, but that is not so.  NESARA is for the entire world.  Encompassed in this new way of life where there will be no despots or government who control by fear or violence.  As you were told last week, the weapons in the Ukraine were neutralized, and that is happening around the globe.  So the means by which so many government cow and frighten their people into silence is being removed, and along with it, the power to turn the screws on their citizen by depriving them of wealth and natural resources. Everywhere on the planet, those resources are supposedly owned by someone, and this is ridiculous.  Mother Earth cannot be owned by anyone and her resources were intended to be available to all.  This is the goal, the dream and it is happening now. There will be no more private ownership of Mother Earth’s resources – not the gold, or oil, or precious metals, not the lumber, the air you breathe or the water you drink.  Corporations have even tried that – buying up all the water rights and then charging people to have a glass of water to drink and to irrigate their plants. This will not remain a condition on Earth.

When all this evolves it will be in stages.  We do not kidnap and hold people hostage;  it was shocking that some people interpreted last week’s message as if we were saying that the Galactic Fleet would kidnap people, hold them hostage and not let them return to their loved ones.  Those who could interpret it that way are still not completely familiar with love and those who come from love.  It is against universal law, and we are very careful not to overstep any boundaries.  This is why it has taken so long to help you, because we cannot just step in and take over.  It is unfolding because there are people on the ground making it happen.  All of you are helping by raising vibrations and envisioning the Golden Age.

Now, the connection: those passengers who agreed to act as ‘hostages’ volunteered. They are guests and they are having a wonderful time. They were astonished to be rescued after the problems with the plane;  when they were rescued, of course they were grateful and their options were magnificent, delightful and fabulous, and helpful to the planet as well. Those who agreed will be those who negotiate with their own governments for their own release.  They have been well-educated about NESARA and what it can bring, and they will put pressure on their governments to sign the NESARA guidelines into law.  Some of these you will familiar with.  The NESARA law we will insist upon includes debt forgiveness, eradication of the fed and similar instruments around the world.  There will no longer be private banks that own governments. There will be a free and open exchange of information.

In order to do this, something dramatic will have to happen in the media.  We put out the information about the passengers, and NO media have picked it up. We will have to give them a little jab, and this is where the passengers come in. Through back channels, the governments have been told the truth, and the info is filtering around the globe.  It took a little time for the truth to filter through, as you might expect. Now they are talking with each other. Our ‘boots on the ground’ will be introducing the possibility that these government officials may speak with the ‘hostages’.  Yes, we will create lines of communication;  it’s easy for Ashtar and his crew to set these up, the technology is easy for them.  The passengers can speak in their own voices, and will present the possibility to their governments that when NESARA is signed and announced publicly, then the passengers will be released. They will return to tell their stories and be interviewed by the media – people will demand that, won’t they.  So you will see the beginning of an opening.  We will continue to use these channels and you can start to see what you can truly call disclosure as well as the governing instruments to bring into place a truly Golden Age, without secrets, currency manipulation, slavery of any kind.  With the return of these passengers, it will be impossible for the world to ignore your star brothers and sisters who are here to help you.

Very soon all of this will unfold:  the RV, the GCR, the closing of the banks as they turn over all money to a Gold Standard.  All of this is happening now;  nothing has stalled.  The intricacies are being handled one by one, across the glove, all at once. Hold on to your hats!  I have given you an overview, not every detail.  Don’t assume that we are withholding information to lie to you or because we don’t know what is happening, or your messenger is making things up.  Nonsense!  We have been generous and kind to you, and hope that you will learn there is a way of life based on harmony, kindness, love, sharing, compassion and above all truth.  Don’t try to reduce what we say into some glib simple explanation. None of this is simple or obvious to you because of the way you have been raised. You look for the worst and the least, and you feel want.  Turn your eyes to the sky;  it will be raining blessings, far beyond anything to do with money or wealth. That is jus the beginning.

Join us in our joy, laughter, pleasure and glee as we watch your astonishment and pleasure as you see and feel;  open your hearts and receive the gift you are about to be given.  I will leave it at that for now.  If Father God wishes to give more details, he will;  for now, be assured your blessings are all around you.

Zorra:  Indeed!  Wonderful!  I am going to remind you again of who you are.  All of you have heard the explanation of the powers you possess but if it is not mentioned continually, it slides from your memory.  You forget about it, or you listen to others and they convince you otherwise.  So I’m going to remind you again who we are, with the scriptures of the original writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls (the origin of the Bible).  Many of you are Christians and have read your Bible front to back, and understand to the limits of your ability.   I am going to give you a little lesson in your Old Testament and in your New Testament.

Referring to the Creation of Man, and the words of Sananda/Jesus:  In the beginning, God said, Let us make Man in our image and likeness and with our powers and abilities.  What does that tell you?  You are like us, gods and goddesses. In the New Testament, Sananda said, “Marvel not at what I do, for you can also do those things, if you only believe.”  In your Bible it adds “in my name”, but this was added by King James to replace what was actually said:  “If you only believe that you can.” The passage should read, “Marvel not at what I do, for greater shall you do if you only believe that you can.” I am here to assure you that you can because you are gods and goddesses.  You were created to be creators of your world, reality and understanding.  Somewhere down the line, that knowingness was lost, but now you are being reminded again that your gods, goddesses and healers.  You are! 

I will give you the proof of the power you possess.  All of you, take an orange and peel it.  Eat a section, then set it on the table.  Then bring you right down onto the table next to the orange, in a karate chop.  If you are in the southern hemisphere, do the opposite:  take your left hand and do a karate chop.  Create a vortex  and sweep the orange into the palm of your hand.  You will feel a tingling.  Leave it there for 60 seconds.  After that, take another slice of your orange and it will taste more sweet and wholesome.  If you do this, that is a taste of the energy you possess. 

Soul seed is a product that dates back (in your understanding) to the Pharaohs, but actually to Lemuria. It is the black cumin seeds that were found in the pyramids. This is combined with the black raspberry seeds and chardonnay grape seeds, with xylitol, all combined together.  There is not enough xylitol in this mixture to hurt a flea!  If someone has a symptom, it is because of taking something else. Soul doesn’t affect anyone except for healing. The black cumin seed can cure everything but death.  In reality, it cures ALL, because death is an illusion or state of mind… a transitional door, if you will, to your higher dimensions.  Death is not the end.  It is a doorway to your higher (fifth) dimension, so it’s a beginning for those who desire transition to full 5th dimensional bodies. 

There is another test:  rub your hands together and set them 25” apart. Bring them together very slowly;  you will feel as if you are pushing against a balloon. Continue to bring them together and you will start to feel a heat between your hands.  That is the healing power you possess, and everyone has it, at whatever age.  You have the power to heal each other and yourself. 

I know many are Soul seed users and many have experienced the healing power of the seed.  Also, I have spoken of laminine – that is also a healer.  It heals in a different way.  It goes into the system and does essentially the same, in power form, so it is slower than the soul seed.  It is a vegan product;  it is all seeds, which means the completion of life.  What comes from a seed?  A forest!  What else comes from a seed?  A human!  Indeed.  Seeds are the essence of life.   The more seeds you take into your body, the better you’ll be.  The more soul seed you take in, the more you have what is proven to be the most powerful ingredients for wholeness and wellness.

If you have not tried soul seed and laminine, you need to. Those two are all you need. Vitamins have chemicals in them that are not good for your body, even though they do have nutrients.  The supplements you are taking in my cases are giving you the problems you are having because of the preservatives in them.  Soul seed and laminine have no preservatives.   Also Prime Creator has taken out all animal products, regardless of what it says on the packet. We say to you that they are both vegan-safe.  They are seeds! 

I will not condone eating meat of any sort, but there is an animal that has given of itself to be a transitional diet, and that is buffalo, which is sacred to the American Indians (and also the ostrich).  Those are the only two meats that are acceptable in a transitional diet.  However, only be on it for a short time, a week or at the most a month.  After that, eat only vegetarian foods because your body needs to detox. Soul seed and laminine will also help to detox.  They are also raising  your vibrations, your consciousness and your reality to a higher reality by curing your body and any illnesses that you have.  You have seen many people with children that are autistic.  The soul seed with heal that;  it will reverse the effects of autism. Prime Creator, the Galactics and I have blessed the laminine, and the soul seed doesn’t need that because it is already a whole food. You can purify all that you eat and drink by the technique I described to you.  There is no reason for you to be ill.

I will do a quick healing pulse.  Those wearing glasses or contacts, remove them now.  Those will issues such as cataracts or glaucoma, or macular degeneration, all of you close your eyes.  Those with hearing aids, turn them down or take them out. Those on oxygen, remain there but turn it down as well.  You will be healed. Anyone with diabetes, that is an imbalanced diet, and the soul seed will get rid of that as well.  Those will blood issues, or with curvature of the spine, or those with pain in the lower back, hips and legs;  those with rotator cuff problems;  those with digestive issues, all those with issues of the human body I am addressing. Those who have cancer, MS, AD, ADD… 5, 4, 3 2, 1… receive your healing! 

You are all gods and goddesses, so say to the Lord God of your being, “I demand the experience of complete healing through all the parts of my body.  That goes for my blood, brain, heart-mind, the lungs, the legs, the bones, every part that has issues!” So it is done!

Now let us hear some questions for all that are channeling. Go from the middle to the bottom and then to the top.

Anne:  For those who have questions, please only ask questions of interest to everyone.  If you have a personal question, please lower your hand.  828?

Pat from IN:  With the plane and the disclosure, why are they not letting the masses know what is going on?

Anne:  They are hearing it through these messages, and they reach thousands of people, and then they pass it on to their groups. 

Zorra:  They reach hundreds of thousands globally.

Anne:  The governments are aware now, but it’s not in their best interests to alert the media.

Zorra: If they were doing what is proper and giving out that information that would be wondrous;  however, that would mean disclosure and that is set for another time.

Man for NY:  When a person ascends, they go to a place of no time, then they can come back?

Zorra:  The person can decide whether to come back or not.  That is the doorway of all higher dimensions, and you can do what you wish from there.

480 caller:  [wheezing noises]  I’m walking outside and there is no wind. With this info going out… Clinton was in office when the NESARA law was decided; what makes this different?

Zorra:  The participants on that vessel are in Hollow Earth, so it will be disclosed. The Galactics will help bring this forth;  NESARA was on the back burner but it is coming forward again.

Caller:  I am lifting my vibration as best I can.  I want the RV so that I can afford to take the soul seed and laminine.  I have parasites and I’m bleeding from the inside out.

Zorra:  I would like you to sit down on the grass.  Take your shoes and socks off and plant your feet firmly on the ground.  Now you are grounding yourself.  Now I’m going to count from five to one, and send you a direct healing pulse.  I am speaking to the parasites and the blood issue in your body.  5…4…3…2…1… Receive the healing power from myself and Prime Creator.  Just breathe normally;  slow down your breathing.  Be calm.  Speaking directly to the parasites, they are to be passed through your bowels and out.  The bleeding has ceased.  So be it! It is done!  Stay in your position for the rest of the call.  Do that on a daily basis.

Caller:  It’s warm today so I can take my shoes off.

Zorra:  You can even do it when it is cold, because it will give you energy through your feet.  You maust learn to go barefoot as much as possible.

Anne:  We have our movie back, posted on Breaking News

Zorra:  Everyone needs to see that because it shows you how to heal.  Getting back to this caller, sit calmly and breathe calmly.  You will notice yourself feeling better, better and better.  Now that you have received the healing, go claim the healing and then you release it.  Namaste!

Nadine from FL:  Do we have to go to the bank with ALL our dinar, etc., or can we exchange little by little?

Zorra:  If you wish to have the contract rate, you must go all at once. If you got at the market rate, you can take as long as you desire.

Nadine:  I heard Tony talking about gift letters;  can we get copies of that?

Zorra:  Create a gift letter for each person and have it notarized.

Anne:  I will post that letter again.

Larry from Canada: Thank you to all for such a wonderful call, and for helping those in need.  Do you recommend that we spread this information to our friends and to the media.  I’m anxious to tell the whole world!

Zorra:  Do so!  Do your part of disclosure!

407, Gloria in FL:  You talked about weapons being neutralized.  Does that mean personal weapons on the street as well?

Zorra:  Soon Prime Creator will be giving the pulse of love and when that happens, all weapons – be they side arms, rifles, automatic weapons, military or missiles or anything  – will cease to function.  That includes gun-owners to have side arms.

Gloria:  We have a rash of young kids robbing and shooting people and carjacking, a lot of innocent people getting killed and injured.

Zorra:  Indeed.

414, Tanya in Wisconsin:  Father God, do we have to wait for the RV to happen before NESARA and Disclosure happens?

Zorra:  The RV happens first.

Caller:  Can we get some ships in Wisconsin?

Zorra:  I can assure you, you already have them in Wisconsin, in every state and country.  All you have to do is look up and see them.

Caller:  I would take a ship before revaluation!  Thank you, I love you all!

Anne:  I don’t think you have a choice right now;  you have to finish your contract.

Nicole from OR:  My kids would like to know about shape-shifting, anything you say about how this works, and if it is possible here.

Zorra:  It is possible here and also in higher dimensions.  Shape-shifting is the desire to be another form. Go out into nature, and speak you desire for what form you wish to be in, and concentrate.  Don’t be surprised to find yourself flying as a bird or swimming as a fish, or rummaging in the berries as a bear.

Nicole:  Do we keep our clothes?

Zorra:  If you shape shift into a bear, wear something very loose-fitting!   In many cases, you become the animal and discard the clothes.  When you come back into human form, you will have to find something to wear.  Native American shamans have shifted into a sasquatch or shatoos, and vice versa.  You may be talking to either or both.  Humans have the ability to shape-shift through certain rituals.  Also, ask your children to tell you about seeing fairies…

Nicole:  they asked about them, and we see them in our pictures.  They are small, right?

Zorra:  Yes, they are very small, as orbs as light, and you see within each orb a little figure.

Nicole:  Many others have had previous abortions;  do those souls stay with the mother to incarnate later?

Zorra:  In the past, that would be yes, but now it would be no because there is no more karma or past lives. Those are over.  This is the last generation before full 5thdimension reality in which there is no reincarnation because you are complete.  [I was told to stop here.]

Who is Saint Germain?

Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray

Summit House Teachings


Hierarch of the Aquarian Age

Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray. Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is the great sponsor of freedom’s flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice. The name Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply “Holy Brother.”

Each two-thousand-year cycle comes under one of the seven rays. Jesus, as chohan of the sixth ray, held the office of hierarch of the age during the last 2000 years.

On May 1, 1954, Saint Germain and Portia were crowned as directors for the coming cycle of the seventh ray. Freedom and justice are the yin and yang of the seventh ray of Aquarius, and together with mercy, they provide the foundation for all other attributes of God to be outpictured in this seventh dispensation.


Age of the Violet Flame

Saint Germain and Portia deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age and the seventh ray—the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual—a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy.

As chohan, or lord, of the seventh ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. He is the seventh angel prophesied in Revelation 10:7 who comes to sponsor the finishing of the mystery of God “as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

Saint Germain on Choosing Spiritual Freedom

“I am an ascended being, but it has not ever been thus. Not once or twice but for many incarnations I walked the earth as you now do, confined to mortal frame and the limitations of dimensional existence. I was on Lemuria and I was on Atlantis. I have seen civilizations rise and fall. I have seen the undulations of consciousness as mankind have cycled from golden ages to primitive societies. I have seen the choices, and I have seen mankind by wrong choices squander the energies of a hundred thousand years of scientific advancement and even degrees of cosmic consciousness that transcend that which is attained by members of the most advanced religions of the day.

“Yes, I have seen the choices, and I have chosen. By right choices man and woman establish their position in hierarchy. By choosing to be free in the magnificent will of God, I won my freedom from that mortal round of incarnations and justifications of an existence outside the One. I won my freedom by that flame, that keynote of the Aquarian cycle traced by alchemists of old, that purple elixir the saints do hold…

“You are mortal. I am immortal. The only difference between us is that I have chosen to be free, and you have yet to make the choice. We have the same potential, the same resources, the same connection to the One. I have taken mine to forge a God-identity. For long ago, the still small voice within spoke the fiat of Alpha and the living God: ‘Children of the One, forge your God-identity.’ And in the stillness of the night, I heard the call and I answered, ‘I will!’ And when I said, ‘I will,’ all of cosmos echoed, ‘I will!’ The will to be summons the vastness of the potential of being…


… I am on the path of freedom. Take that path, and you will find me there. I am your teacher if you will have me.1

Saint Germain is known as a diplomat, expressing the godly qualities of dignity, grace, gentility, poise and true statesmanship through all who will invoke the seventh ray. He is a member of the House of Rakoczy, founded by the Great Divine Director, in whose Transylvanian mansion the violet flame of freedom is presently enshrined.

Saint Germain as the Wonderman of Europe

Desiring above all else to liberate God’s people, Saint Germain sought and was granted a dispensation from the Lords of Karma to return to earth in a physical body. He appeared as “le Comte de Saint Germain,” a “miraculous” gentleman who dazzled the courts of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe, where they called him “The Wonderman.”


He was an alchemist, scholar, linguist, poet, musician, artist, raconteur and diplomat admired throughout the courts of Europe for his adeptship. He was known for such feats as removing the flaws in diamonds and other precious stones and composing simultaneously a letter with one hand and poetry with the other.

Voltaire described him as the “man who never dies and who knows everything.” The count is mentioned in the letters of Frederick the Great, Voltaire, Horace Walpole and Casanova, and in newspapers of the day.

Working behind the scenes, Saint Germain attempted to effect a smooth transition from monarchy to representative government and to prevent the bloodshed of the French Revolution. But his counsel was ignored. In a final attempt to unite Europe, he backed Napoleon, who misused the master’s power to his own demise.

But even prior to this, Saint Germain had turned his attention to the New World. He became the sponsoring master of the United States of America and of her first president, inspiring the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He also inspired many of the labor-saving devices of the twentieth century to further his goal of liberating mankind from drudgery that they might devote themselves to the pursuit of God-realization.14

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Saint Germain Sponsors Spiritual Organizations

In the latter part of the eighteenth century, Saint Germain received from the lady master Kuan Yin her office as chohan of the seventh ray—the ray of mercy and forgiveness and of sacred ceremony. And in the twentieth century, Saint Germain stepped forth once again to sponsor an outer activity of the Great White Brotherhood.

In the early 1930s, he contacted his “general in the field,” the re-embodied George Washington, whom he trained as a messenger and who, under the pen name of Godfré Ray King, released the foundation of Saint Germain’s instruction for the New Age in the books Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence and The “I AM” Discourses. In the late 1930s, the Goddess of Justice and other cosmic beings came forth from the Great Silence to assist Saint Germain in his work of bringing the teachings of the sacred fire to mankind and ushering in the golden age.

Master of the Aquarian Age

On May 1, 1954, Saint Germain received from Sanat Kumara the scepter of power and from the Master Jesus the crown of authority to direct the consciousness of mankind for this two-thousand-year period. This does not mean that the influence of the ascended master Jesus has receded. Rather, as World Teacher from the ascended level, his instruction and his radiation of the Christ consciousness to all mankind will be even more powerful and all-pervading than before, for it is the nature of the Divine continually to transcend itself. We live in an expanding universe—a universe that expands from the center of each individualized son (sun) of God.


This dispensation means that we are now entering a two-thousand-year period when, by invoking into our beings and worlds the violet transmuting flame, the God-energy that the human race has misqualified for thousands of years may now be purified and all mankind cut free from fear, lack, sin, sickness and death, and all may now walk in the light as God-free beings.

At this dawn of the age of Aquarius, Saint Germain has gone before the Lords of Karma and received the opportunity to release the knowledge of the violet flame outside of the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, outside of the mystery schools. Saint Germain tells us of the benefits of invoking the violet flame:

“In some of you a hearty amount of karma has been balanced, in others hardness of heart has truly melted around the heart chakra. There has come a new love and a new softening, a new compassion, a new sensitivity to life, a new freedom and a new joy in pursuing that freedom. There has come about a holiness as you have contacted through my flame the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. There has come a melting and dissolving of certain momentums of ignorance and mental density and a turning toward a dietary path more conducive to your own God-mastery.


“The violet flame has assisted in relationships within families. It has served to liberate some to balance old karmas and old hurts and to set individuals on their courses according to their vibration. It must be remembered that the violet flame does contain the flame of God-justice, and God-justice, of course, does contain the flame of the judgment; and thus the violet flame always comes as a two-edged sword to separate the Real from the unreal…

“Blessed ones, it is impossible to enumerate exhaustively all of the benefits of the violet flame but there is indeed an alchemy that does take place within the personality. The violet flame goes after the schisms that cause psychological problems that go back to early childhood and previous incarnations and that have established such deep grooves within the consciousness that, in fact, they have been difficult to shake lifetime after lifetime.”15

Violet Flame Mantra By Saint Germain

This violet flame mantra for the Aquarian age is for transmuting personal and planetary past errors in thought, feeling and action.

I AM a being of violet fire,

I AM the purity God desires.


Nova Earth Day, February 14, 2013. Global Love, Abundance and Equality on Nova Gaia

Nova Earth Day, February 14, 2013. Global Love, Abundance and Equality on Nova Gaia

Archangel Michael on Nova Earth Day:

“It is a celebration of the new, it is a celebration of the divine qualities, and it is a celebration of love. There are many on this side, particularly the Council of Love, that are finally joyous that this is being acknowledged. [Valentine’s Day] has been a day of love for a long time, but not in the true universal sense. It is a day to throw open your arms and say to strangers — and the stranger the better — ‘I regard you with infinite consideration and love. I wish to be part of your life in unity and community, and I wish for you, dear stranger, to join with me in creating a bountiful, prosperous, abundant, co-creative Earth.’”  (“Archangel Michael: It is Time to Declare Yourself,” January 29, 2013.)

The Nova Earth Society, a sacred circle comprised of the Golden Age of Gaia, InLight Radio, the Hope Chest, and Light Stewards: Sisters and Brothers of Unity proposes that February 14, once considered a Valentine’s Day for sweethearts, become a global Valentine’s day of celebration of the New Earth, of Nova Gaia, as well as a day of celebration of universal love, global abundance and total equality.


3 Keys to the 5D Kingdom

After a long conversation with my Dad yesterday, I had my own aha moment and was inspired to write this post about the 3 keys to creating your new 5D life path- love, light and truth.  For the last couple of years I have been diving into everything I could read about ascension and what to expect in 5D new Earth, how would it look, how would it feel and more importantly how I would look and feel and BE.  I heard all kinds of channels talk about it and noticed that some versions or timelines were different than others.  Some were rather disturbing saying the Earth would turn into a star, or the surface would become molten lava and that we would leave through a portal and come back after it was transformed or leave on massive mother ships the size of 10 times Jupiter or that we would go into inner Earth into light chambers and come out after 3 days in our 5D Chrystalline light bodies.

Then I was introduced to the celestial channelings from the Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Mother, Jesus and even Yahweh.  These messages were much less dramatic and really resonated with me.  The main theme was that Earth, Gaia had many potential timelines and paths to ascension but ultimately instead of ascending herself and shrugging off her human inhabitants, she chose to go through her ascension process more gradually and allow humanity to ascend with her instead of creating massive cataclysmic earth changes that would have lead to most of the populations demise.  This was also agreed upon by the company of heaven and helped by the galactics who used their technology to lessen the intensity of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.  Yes there have been some severe ones like Sandy but that was also created by Gaia and used to cleanse the energy and clear the density of 3D earth in the Northeast region.  

The celestials said that we all had the opportunity to ascend and that the only “ticket to ascension” was love.  They shared how we all are Divine emanations of the ONE and we are all in essence equal creators.  

As I read and listened to more of their messages, many subjects were discussed around the meaning of ascension and what our experience of ascension would be.  They didn’t want us to get attached to any dates but ultimately the 12/21/12 date was the opening of the portal for Gaia to move into 5D.  Those who read and listened to these messages were told that we needed to raise our point of perception, our vibrations to lift our consciousness into a 5D reality.  And that we are being bombarded with massive beams or rays of love and light to help us make the shifts necessary to live in this higher dimension.  So many of us who had been “doing our inner work” were under the impression that after 12/21/12 the world would miraculously be transformed overnight as if we had literally stepped through a doorway into heaven, nirvana, wonderland, paradise.  I was told that we would wake up in our homes the morning after ascension and over a few days see things differently and our perceptions of “reality” would shift.  I think we were under the misconception that a 5D world would just appear before our eyes without us having to really create it.  But alas that was indeed a BIG misconception.  

After December came and went I started really “getting” a deeper and more accurate understanding and knowing of what living my 5D life path really meant.  I reread some of the earlier channeled messages and I can now see with new eyes and expanded awareness what they were really trying to impart to humanity.  How many times have we heard that you create from the inside out, that we always have to shift from within and it will then be mirrored on the outside.  What the channels were really trying to do is to challenge us to hold the vision of ascension and allow for the shift in perception in order to actually have it manifest in our reality.  They gave us a vision, a template, a taste of what is possible and they are guiding us to claim it, create it and realize it and make it our new reality.  

Now I realize the gift in this more gradual or natural ascension is the joy of experiencing being a true creator.  Now that creating and manifesting is much more easily achievable in this new 5D Earth operating system, we get to feel the wonder and delight in watching our intentions and visions come to fruition more rapidly and seemingly miraculously.  It is really about the journey of SELF discovery, SELF empowerment, opening our hearts, trusting and knowing our true SELF and having a fully conscious relationship with our Higher Self.  Its about standing in the light and the truth and the love releasing all fear and doubt.

I had this big realization about the role I played the last year in regards to an investment I was involved in with a group of people.  Some people invested in this but put it aside and went on with their lives and that was fine but many of us really stepped fully into the intense rollercoaster of this investment ride and kept holding the vision daily of it coming to fruition, hearing from various sources that it was about to happen time and time again for over a year.  I realized that we were like pillars holding the light around this event actually happening and we are seeing it finally come to fruition. You can say the same thing about all the light workers who have for years been holding the vision for ascension, the new age, 5D, the Golden age of Aquarius, whatever you choose to call it.  We were doing our “Lightwork” to bring it into manifestation. It is no accident that Gaia Earth has chosen to ascend while taking humanity with her. We, the collective consciousness became the critical mass shining our light on all the darker, destructive timeline potentials collapsing them into the brightest future potential allowing Gaia to ascend gracefully and more gradually averting total destruction.  If we were all told in 2001 that we ALL would be able to ascend in 2012, we might not have done the work that was needed “within” and “without” to create the critical mass for ascension NOW. 

So for those who may be disappointed about the aftermath of 12/21/12 or confused about how 5D looks right now, stay focused on three Keys to the proverbial 5D Kingdom- keep beaming your Light, spreading your Love and standing in the Truth of who you really are. People constantly hear “to stay in the moment” and “be in the now”. Do you know why? There is nothing to fear in this NOW moment and just keep asking yourSelf in every moment, am I beaming my light? Am I spreading my love? Am I standing in the Truth of who I really am? And if you aren’t, then remind yourself that these questions not only keep you in the NOW but are the keys to creating your 5D kingdom.