Ready to attract your Divine Partner?

Bringing in Your Beloved

 Since attracting each other and coming together as a couple 4 1/2 years ago, Dale and Shara, have felt inspired to help coach and counsel singles in attracting their Beloved and co-creating their Sacred Unions.

First they define the qualities the client desires in their sacred union partnership and distinguish the differences between sacred unions and other romantic relationships. If it is established that the client truly wants to create a Sacred Union, then they work with them on “BEING and BECOMING” who they want most to attract utilizing emotional and clearing process they developed called Quantum Integrative Healing.

Dale and Shara, working together or individually bring their highly intuitive insights and perceptions to help clients clear emotional wounds, shift perspectives, release limiting belief systems, build trust and enhance awareness.

They begin by sharing the foundational principles of Quantum Integrative Healing and how it applies to their client’s particular situation.  Wayne Dyer in his book “Power of Intention” sums up the basic principle in quantum theory, “When you change the way you look at something the thing you look at changes”.  They facilitate healing in their clients by utilizing this basic premise.

Dale or Shara will initiate a discovery dialog” to identify limiting beliefs, self worth issues, past dating or marital challenges that the client may still be holding onto.

They pinpoint the earliest emotional incident from the client’s past that is affecting their ability to attract their beloved. Using the HoOponopono forgiveness process and emotional release work, the emotional charge of the incident and its effects on the client’s body, mind and spirit is cleared.  The client can now view his/her life and relationships in a whole new way free from the negative effects of these past traumas, emotions and old patterns.  The client has a quantum shift and feels lighter, more free, expanded, joyful and loving.  The client is now ready to receive the love they deserve and bring in their beloved..

Services include both Dale and Shara and can be done on the phone or skype to allow convenience and provide availability for clients globally.


Free 15 Minute consultation

$500 for 2 hour intensive

$600 Special Introductory package includes one 2 hour intensive and one month of coaching* (two 30 minute coaching sessions)

*Quantum Integrative “tune up” Coaching sessions help clients to reinforce the tools that we have shared in the initial session and assist them in resolving any current issues that arise in their life.

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