Quantum Integrative Healing Sessions

Dale and Shara work together as a team bringing their highly intuitive insights and perceptions to help their clients shift their perspectives, release limiting belief systems and enhance their awareness.

They begin by sharing the foundational principles of Quantum Integrative healing and how it applies to their client’s particular situation (This part can be done individually or in a group). Wayne Dyer in his book “Power of Intention” sums up the basic principle in quantum theory, “when you change the way you look at something the thing you look at changes”. Shara and Dale facilitate healing in their clients by utilizing this basic premise.

If the client gives permission, they do an “intuitive scan” tapping into their client’s Soul essence. The client’s soul shares insights, information  and wisdom through symbols, light, colors, images and words that we relay back to the client.  Then they discuss with them how this relates to their lives, their soul’s journey and how it may manifest in their physical experience and affect their overall health and well-being.

Shara and Dale can also pinpoint the earliest emotional incident from the client’s past that is the underlying cause of their mental, emotional, physical pain and suffering. Using the HoOponopono forgiveness process and emotional release work, they begin to shift their client’s perception and their limiting beliefs which clears the emotional charge of the incident and its effects on their body, mind and spirit.

For those who are ready to go deeper, Dale and Shara are able to discover past life themes and incidents that are effecting their present lifetime. This allows their client to gain a broader perspective, take full responsibility for their creations and clear the entire karmic cycle in all timelines and dimensions.

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