Sacred Partnerships Couples Session

After successfully meeting each other on an online spiritual dating site, Shara and Dale have spent the last 6 years co-creating their Divine partnership and Sacred Union.

They combined their individual work and refined their focus on developing Sacred Union partnership processes releasing old patterns, belief systems, emotional pain, at the same time deepening the love, respect, trust, connection to each partner. They incorporate forgiveness (Ho oponopono) and compassionate communication exercises as well.

Together they work as a unified team bringing  balance to the Masculine and the Feminine aspects. They empower and teach their clients how to utilize and ultimately master the art of co-creating a Sacred Union and healthy balanced partnership. They can work with each individual in relationship or work with the couple together.

Services include both Dale and Shara and can be done on the phone or skype to allow convenience and provide availability for clients globally.

Click here to view the basic principles discussed in session and take the couple’s coaching questionnaire to see what areas your relationship can be improved or enhanced. 


$750 for 3 hour intensive with couple if done in person(if session is done by phone or skype it could be split into two 1-1/2 sessions)

$200 for Monthly Couples Coaching (two 30 minute PHONE/SKYPE sessions per month)

Special $1300 package(regularly $1700) includes:

Two 3 hour intensives including Quantum Integrative Healing and

One month of couples coaching (two 30 minute PHONE/SKYPE sessions per month)

*Quantum Integrative “tune up” Coaching sessions help clients to reinforce the tools that we have shared in the initial session and assist them in resolving any current issues that arise in their life or relationship.






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