Couples Coaching Basic Principles and Questionnaire

Basic principles we will discuss during session: 

  1. How we create our reality/life through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  2. What is the Universal law of attraction and how to use it.
  3. How we all are mirrors for each other to grow, evolve and expand our consciousness/awareness.
  4. Taking responsibility for our life experiences/creations without judgment, blame or shame.
  5. Letting go of judgment by seeing the gift in all of our experiences/creations.
  6. Forgiving all the participants in your life experiences including yourself.  We will explain the “ho oponopono” forgiveness process and demonstrate how to use the process  as a tool with  each partner and the language and framing for better compassionate communication.
  7. How standards and beliefs create the judgments we have for ourselves and others.
  8. We will help you shift your perception and always bring it back to self with compassion, love and non-judgment.

In order to help our clients create more balance and harmony in their relationship and their lives, we need to know how each partner would rate the following areas with an “Excellent”, “Good”, “Fair” or “Poor”.

At the bottom of this questionnaire, you will have an opportunity to add comments that might help us discover what areas we need to focus on in session. You can also print a .PDF version of this questionnaire.

“As you change the way you look at something the thing you look at changes”. 

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