Wow! I’m so grateful for the amazing session…

Wow! I’m so grateful for the amazing session with Dale and Shara. These 2 souls are truly bringing such light and love to this planet, and you cannot help but be transformed from their work. The ability they both have to truly see into the “heart and soul of you” and surface inner core work from the Quantum level is extraordinary. I was able to recover hidden truths that were blocked for many years, and finally begin to heal the charges surrounding them. These beautiful souls made me feel so comforted, supported, and loved….and helped me to embrace a new level of inner empowerment. I gained an even higher perspective than before, understood the gifts amidst my challenges at new levels, and feel even more empowered from the core of my inner spirit.

I highly recommend this dynamic duo for anyone who wants to finally get to the bottom of unresolved issues or blocks, whether they be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or otherwise.  Their work is profoundly genuine, deep, and transformational! Thank you both for sharing your awesome gifts with me!

~ Lightstar, Visual Attunement Artist & Celestial Channel