This is it! All Feminine and Masculine Aspects are Healed!!! Ready to go!!!

Allow me to begin by stating that as a lightworker myself, I have participated in many sessions where I am the one being “healed”…and although I consider myself to be quite conscious, I now see that I have been focusing on the healing of my feminine aspects only…I forgot that since we all have Divine Masculine/Feminine aspects, that we must also “heal” both sides of our “selves”.

At the beginning of my session (via telephone) with Dale & Shara, I was asked a series of questions and was  scanned energetically.  Dale & Shara pointed out some areas where I was having resistance (all confirmed and felt by me…most significant was a feeling of unworthiness), and then we dove right in and down to the core of the wound!

I felt gently guided (easy for me to use the word “gentle” as I was completely READY for this healing…those that may not be as ready as I was may not feel it so gently)…as we went back thousands of years to the beginning of the lifetime where my masculine was wounded.  I resonated with all ideas and/or story lines that Dale & Shara presented (even though they stated that I might not), and was guided to create a space where I could heal this wound with an individual from this final lifetime.

I will not get into the details however, I will state that at the end of the session I was able to know and feel my worthiness (which I had felt before but it was fleeting, due to the fact that I had not healed my Divine Masculine).

I highly recommended a session with Dale & Shara if you want to take a quantum leap forward in your path of enlightenment!

This is it!  All Feminine and Masculine Aspects are Healed!!!  Ready to go!!!

With deep appreciation and love,
Renee Marie

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