Profound shift with issues with my Father…

My healing Journey has lead me to different therapies all of which seemed arduous, drawn out and costly..I felt that something was missing from these, I felt that there had to be a method that could clear wounding in an effective and profound way.. I decided to just commit to the work myself and let my life unfold…yet I saw that my life was still run by these elusive patterns. Even living in the spiritual magnifying glass of Sedona, I still felt stuck…I was then introduced to Dale and Shara and their work.. Divinely guided these two have the skills to lead you thru to the original wounds and release the emotional energy attached to it. I experience a profound shift with issues with my Father, and in releasing the charge I can view my past experiences as a blessing and gift. Profound and Deep Thanks to both of you!!

-John Farris Jewelry Artist -Sedona AZ.