How Banks Have Been Stealing Our Money


Vol. 1  – The Global Accounts:

Today, there is much talk about the Global Accounts. However, even though there is growing public awareness of these accounts, there are no clear explanations as to what these accounts are, where they came from and why they exist and how they affect us, “We, the People”.  

It is my hope to create a better and wider understanding as to how and why these accounts affect everything we do. They affect us in every way, not just because they exist, but because if they did not exist, it may well be at this time mankind would have already obliterated itself and all civilization.

The Global Accounts have an enormous effect on our lives, in everything we do, everything we have and or own, even to our legal rights within a community and our capacity to function as a family. For over 50 years they existed outside of public knowledge, while we who are affected so much by them, have been prevented from any knowledge about them. All knowledge lay with a very few Bankers and Politicians who have been in bed with each other or in each other’s pockets.

First question to be asked is do these account really exist. The answer is yes, but the existence of these accounts was never revealed publicly until around 1998, when an obscure and highly secretive organization in Cambodia slowly came into focus on various due diligence chat boards. At first they were derided as a bunch of scammers and con men, though nobody could ever show what the supposed scam was.


The organization set up in Cambodia in 1995/6 was known as the Office of H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam. The Chairman of this Office was bound by rules of extreme secrecy, but strangely enough the key operative within this Office, a rather gregarious Australian in the person of a certain Keith Francis Scott, was bound only by the constraints placed on him by Dr. Dam.  Scott and Dam had a strange but very close relationship as Scott was the only person Dam tolerated argument from in all the years they worked together. Argue they often did, but this allowed them to see all sides of an issue and so in all important matters, it was very rare for anything to be done without discussion between these two. These arguments were always about issues, never personal, and they would argue till they agreed.

Contrary to popular belief, this Office successfully acted whenever they were asked to and whenever they had to. They were almost never seen in anything, but those in the know understood that a number of Bank Chairmen were forced to stand down or were dismissed because of their activities.  

Dam and his officers had the right to draw salaries from the UN Office of financial constraints in Geneva and to be an openly known Office of the UN, but these options were never taken up because of Dam’s previous experience of being controlled by Governments. The attitude of Dr. Dam was “take the devil’s money or give homage to the devil’s authority, then you are obliged to do the devil’s bidding”

OITC maintained their independence and survived and paid their own way through commodity trading. They initiated many things, they blocked many things and they ended the banking careers of a number of people who were abusing and misusing these accounts.  To this day, they are greatly misunderstood.

During October 1988, Dr. Ray C. Dam, then gold signatory for the G5 Governments and known to be a Commissioner of the Tripartite Gold Commission that had been set up in 1944 under the Bretton Woods Agreement (New Hampshire 1944) was elected to be the Sole Signatory of the Global Accounts.  In 2003, after meetings with NSA Agents and Scott in New Jersey, USA, the Office of H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam was renamed Office of International Treasury Control. The job of Dr. Ray C. Dam was that of gatekeeper and controller and as such he was owner/final signatory of the Global Accounts.


This work began in 1921 when the late Emperor Hirohito of Japan called a meeting of all leaders and Sovereigns in London in 1921. The First World War had seen almost 40 Million people killed, but worse, the First World War had spawned the Versailles Treaty and most of the wiser leaders knew it would be a precursor to a Second World War.  The biggest concern was mankind’s growing capacity for self destruction. The other concern was the understanding of how the gold standard had been the real precursor of war. World leaders decided it must change to a system devised in 1908 at Jekyll Island, USA.  Between 1921 and 1934 all the requisites for holding and controlling the centralized wealth of the world in centralized accounts were put into place. With Hirohito was a young Military Officer, later attaché to the Japanese Embassy in London, Lt. Shigenori Kuroda. (remember that name)

For those who doubt any of this, then in this day of information, check where Hirohito went during his time in Europe in 1921 and his Military Attache was Shigenori Kuroda. He went to London where he met the King of England, then the King of Italy, the King of Belgium, the King of Yugoslavia and then met the French and German leaders. These countries were the founding members of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which was set up as the record keeper of these global accounts between the Central Banks and Treasury Departments. The Federal Reserve did not participate, but the banks that owned the Federal Reserve also became members of the BIS. The BIS was established on January 20, 1930. All countries that join the BIS sign an agreement that the assets of the BIS cannot be seized or frozen or sequestrated in any way.

In 1933 came the Foreign Gold Act. This same act was replicated throughout the world and all gold bullion and coin gold had to be surrendered to their respective central banks, where it became the property of each country’s National Treasury. This was the beginning of removing the Gold Standard and the creating of Fiat currencies. The days of private gold ownership was over. The gold was hidden away, but the registration of it is in the BIS. All the gold looted through the Second World War and the gold all countries gathered from 1933, was secured, hidden and recorded. It is all in use as underwriting to all money.

The National Treasuries all hold this wealth within the Global Accounts, not just gold, but all National Wealth, including the worth of their citizens in future earnings and taxes. This wealth underpins all  money in the world. This gold and wealth is owned by all of us in a common fund established to remove the subjugation of Nations and we each have our claim and right to that wealth through our Birth Certificate. As a citizen of any country, we have equitable right and access in proper purpose to those Global Accounts. All this wealth is the money of substance that underpins what we know as money, i.e., money of account. When you borrow money from a bank, the bank simply ledgers that value as an asset of the bank, which because the Public Charter of the bank makes it an escrow holder and third party debt collector for the National Treasury, that ledger entry is a debt ledger entered against the Treasury itself.  The Treasury is then supposed to draw the funds and the underwriting from the Global Accounts.

Centralizing this wealth was a great idea. It was right. It created a system that works, but could work perfectly if not for the powers later given to commercial banks who have converted the entire planned system into the fraud it has become. (how and why this occurs will be for another discussion)


Fiat currencies are all backed and underwritten by this wealth. It has always been backed by this wealth.  Fiat currencies appear to have no intrinsic value in order to hide the truth about how your birth certificate is used, what its value is, why you have social security numbers and what your social security card is and what it means.

Fiat currencies are not and never have been currencies without intrinsic value, they are flexible currencies backed by real value, the value of the Birth Certificates of the people which in turn is the equitable share of the Global Accounts. Your US Dollar has always been backed by gold, you just never knew it because of the phrase on it “In God We Trust”.

Where Fiat currencies become of no intrinsic value, is through the fraud and manipulation by banks when they convince people that a lie is the truth. When banks operate outside their public charter, they bring the entire banking system into jeopardy. Banks today routinely operate outside their charter and this is why people and countries are going into bankruptcy.

In 2011, Keith Scott was helping Neil Keenan in his law suit (you know, the trillion dollar law suit). During that time, so the story goes, Keenan was also talking to the Finance Minister of Ireland. Keenan mentioned to Scott about the concerns facing the Irish Finance Minister.  Scott told Keenan that Ireland (the country) never owed money and that the debts did not exist. According to Scott, it was all smoke and mirrors. Keenan asked Scott to write an explanation on that. Scott wanted to deepen his explanation on the mechanics with a deeper moral explanation and looked to Winston Shrout, a well known educator on commerce, who provided that. Between them, they provided a paper for the Finance Minister of Ireland which explained how money is created. That explanation set out the following scenario.

Ireland borrows money;  Banks lend Ireland money that really belongs to Ireland;  So, in truth the banks loaned nothing, but then in return demand Ireland repay the Banks in real money, principal plus interest, for money the banks never really loaned them.

From the Letter sent to Ireland via Neil Keenan:

The money is created against the signature of the note maker. The bank is a converter and escrow holder, neither the holder of the note in due course, nor the legal owner of the value.

To claim otherwise the bank must produce documentary proof that it loaned the money. No bank is able to do this, for to do so, they must also show that they loaned the money from their own capital funds. No bank does that.

For the bank to claim otherwise, they would have to prove that they are the owner of the “signature” that created the note and contract … they never signed it so they have no claim.  Their only real defense would be that they own the ‘signature’ on the documents. That would be a totally ridiculous defense.

The only way the bank can prove it is the owner of the mortgage is to prove it loaned their own money.

When a bank creates money, the money is not their money.  It is money created from the extended credit of the note maker.  The bank is not the owner of the note. The end owner of the note is the Treasury and the owner of the obligations of the Treasury in relation to that note.

Basically what Scott is alluding to here, is that each country has equitable access to the Global Accounts via their National Treasury Department, who is the holder of rights on behalf of their citizens. Any debt note issued by Ireland is issued against Ireland’s entitlements from the Global Accounts and therefore the banks who simply created a ledger entry against the Global Accounts (where all people and all countries have equitable access) then demanded payment in real money, not a ledger entry, from Ireland for lending them money they had stolen from Ireland through deception. All Ireland had to do was say “Ireland will pay its debts, but first prove to us that you loaned us the money” The banks could not, because they never did loan anything. They had simply extended Irelands credits in the Global Accounts. The debts of Ireland had no basis, but the Banks of Ireland, who belong within the commercial system do. This knowledge was not a total panacea, as the political pressures make everything difficult.

It is the same with your mortgage. You as note maker on a promissory note that is underwritten by your entitlements based on your Birth Certificate, are simply being robbed when the Bank says they loaned you the money. The problem is public policy that has been created outside of the knowledge of truth.

However, all this is for a future edition.

Next edition will look at how the global accounts actually work and those who claim they will “free them”.

Peace and Blessings to all;


From the depths of darkness and the hiding place of demons, let there come forth the dark light of hidden knowledge, for only in the light of knowledge is there freedom.


Volume 2 – Global Accounts


The concepts of Jekyll Island were actually well intended. The men who attended the Jekyll Island meeting were nation builders, they were tough and had grown up through tough times and they understood that the biggest threat to them was a financial system that failed to function well. They understood they needed a system that could be expanded and or contracted as necessary. They knew that any threat to the little guy was a far greater threat to them as it could unravel everything they had built. The same system had to be used by everyone and the stronger and more resilient that system was, the better. However, they did work out a way of keeping their advantage. That is why we, the ordinary everyday people know nothing about how it all works.

Further, they understood all gold and gold coin had to be centralized with all having fair access. It was this concept drawn out from Jekyll Island that was expanded on in the London Pact between Nations 1921. They understood that the best system was a system where equity is easily achieved, that equity in property was collateral (money of substance) and that substance could be leveraged to create further value, and on creation of value, that additional value could also be leveraged to create further value and in doing so the financial system would always be in equity and if held that way, through debt we could create cycles of wealth. Keep debt and substantive value together and we have equity. In turn, through fractional banking, this system when properly managed guaranteed economic growth that would meet every need.

In 2011, after Ireland made their position clear, Christine Legarde who is head of the IMF said “Banks may need to go back to where they were in 1954. Over time they have employed the best legal minds and have slowly and incrementally changed how banking is carried out, always to their advantage and to satisfy their demand for greater profits. They have lobbied politicians and changed the rules too far”  After Ireland had refused to repay debts they had shown were not real debts, but a fraud imposed upon them, Legarde was the first IMF head to state the obvious.

The problems have occurred because the bankers have been allowed to self regulate. When that happened, it is basically putting foxes in the chicken house.  Look at all the past Treasury Secretary’s, all the past Federal Reserve Chairmen and their connections to banks. In Europe today, after Ireland demonstrated their clear understanding about the indebtedness of Ireland, the European Union after being lobbied by the bankers removed the heads of Government of Greece, Spain and Italy and replaced them with former Goldman Sachs bankers. This was done immediately after Ireland told the IMF and foreign banks to take a hike as it was understood the leaders of these countries also had received the same information from Neil Keenan.  This is where the problem is.

The problem for the little guy is that he is blissfully unaware of how the financial system actually works.

In 1968 after the fall of Soekarno and with JFK dead, the entire structure set up by them under the Green Hilton Memorial Building Agreement 1961-1963, had been taken over by some very clever bankers led by Nikolaus Senn, then Chairman of UBS. Together with one particular trustee of the system in Ferdinand Marcos who wanted to steal everything for the benefit of the Philippines, they perverted the entire system and this in turn caused the tightening of global trade credits, which in turn caused Nixon to amend the Foreign Gold Act in 1971.

This in turn led to the worst thing ever. A hole in that act allowed banks to securitize assets of their clients, and that is where everything went wrong. The entire financial system was prostituted by banks securitizing and selling mortgages and this has become the achilles heels of banks as 2008 showed. Technically, banks are bankrupting people, nations and in the end game themselves, all in the name of short term profits.

Mortgages are the heart of the problem. What was originally planned was this. We have a central wealth repository, i.e. the Global Accounts a.k.a. Global Debt Facility.  All mortgages would be underwritten against this facility. That means that when you issue a mortgage note, which contains a promissory note, the person who issues that note uses the value of their Birth Certificate to underwrite that note. When that note is deposited as an asset of the National Treasury, the pass back to the Treasury assures the payment as promised in the promissory note within the mortgage note. That birth certificate calls on the gold in the Global Accounts as the surety of the promise made by the Note Maker, thus the promise becomes a bankable, guaranteed asset.

That note then becomes substantive (money of substance) and the money created is backed by the gold of the global accounts. The house one purchases is part of the security, but it is inadequate because of the interest payment. For example the house may be worth 100,000 but the interest component is another 150,000.  Therefore the house on its own is inadequate surety on the promise to pay. Without adequate surety, the promise is not bankable. The Birth Certificate when combined with proper pass back of repayments to the Treasury (the repayment due under the promissory note should go Treasury Direct) which in turn pay for the surety or guarantee of the promise (guaranteed from the Global Accounts by your birth certificate). That is how it should work.

Instead, today we have the banks, still using the birth certificate as surety on the promise and then instead of making pass back to the Treasury, they convert the title to the asset (mortgaged thing) into a security and sell the security as an asset of the bank. Essentially, what they are doing is mirroring the Global Accounts, not accessing them through their National Treasuries. This in turn is like filling out the papers for an insurance policy to establish prudential surety, which they give the note maker, but not the Treasury as they wish to avoid the pass back of repayments to the Treasury.  Therefore, because there is no pass back to the National Treasury, when things go wrong because the banks are pocketing the premium instead of paying it to the insurance company, the debt is uninsured.  The banks lie to the note maker and cheat him, as they failed to insure the note as they promised to do. They have cheated the note maker because they cheated the Treasury of the pass back to Treasury Direct and stolen and misused the note maker’s entitlements within the Global Accounts. Everything is predicated on lies and cheating. If we, the citizen did this, we would quite deservedly be locked up.

Let us revert to the paper Scott prepared for Ireland.:

(Note: the following relates to an explanation of how borrowing money and the mortgage system that was in the letter to Ireland.)

The Market view (of money, what it is and how it works) is all a lie. That is an uncomfortable fact that will bankrupt the world if allowed to continue. 

The forgoing explains how things are done today, sadly none of the forgoing procedures is legal. Sad, because countries (not Governments) have lost untold trillions, people have been robbed of their homes and produce and those who purchased CMO’s (Collateral Mortgage Offerings) actually bought nothing, for the simple reason as I will explain, the Banks did not lend any money and the CMO’s they offer are purely fictional and fraudulent.

How Mortgage Securitization Moved to Perpetual and Revolving Fraud. The process of securitization did three things.

  1. It opened up the mortgage market to public investment in what appeared to be a totally secured market where invested funds were backed by bricks and mortar. This was a lie as the banks had not secured either themselves or the investors.
  1. In contrast to the appearance, the bricks and mortar became leveraged to the maximum level the banks could manage to create.
  1. The underwriting was drawn from the Public Side and the income went to the Private Side of the bank’s ledgers. Not only was the underwriting drawn from the public side, but that drawing was a mere pretense as the use of the Public Funds by Private Entities was never authorized as the asset of value was not registered in the National Treasury, and therefore the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts could never be called on to sustain the mortgages or provide the protection promised to investors. When those banks had to answer their own internal fraudulent arrangements, it bankrupted them.

From the above, we can all see that it is not the monetary system that is at fault. It is how it is accessed and used by banks that is the problem. It is not that the Global Accounts need to be released, it is only that they should be used correctly. What a problem it is. What the average person in the western world does not realize or understand is, that directly and indirectly, they pay banks around US$12,000 dollars per year per family.  Why is this? It is because we allow Banks to steal from us because we do not know or understand what money actually is, how it actually works or what we pay for and how much we pay for it.

Everyone complains about income tax. They fail to realize that income tax increases because the National Treasury is not receiving what it should receive from the banks. The banks are making massive profits by stealing this money so they can pay big dividends to their shareholders and the shareholders do not give a hoot how the bank makes money, as long as it does. Bank profits increase and so the share price of the bank increases. It is a dog chasing its own tail.  Banks do not earn this money, they steal and deceive and divert profits that should be going to the National Treasuries to their own benefit.

This is the problem and it needs fixing.


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