3 Keys to the 5D Kingdom

After a long conversation with my Dad yesterday, I had my own aha moment and was inspired to write this post about the 3 keys to creating your new 5D life path- love, light and truth.  For the last couple of years I have been diving into everything I could read about ascension and what to expect in 5D new Earth, how would it look, how would it feel and more importantly how I would look and feel and BE.  I heard all kinds of channels talk about it and noticed that some versions or timelines were different than others.  Some were rather disturbing saying the Earth would turn into a star, or the surface would become molten lava and that we would leave through a portal and come back after it was transformed or leave on massive mother ships the size of 10 times Jupiter or that we would go into inner Earth into light chambers and come out after 3 days in our 5D Chrystalline light bodies.

Then I was introduced to the celestial channelings from the Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Mother, Jesus and even Yahweh.  These messages were much less dramatic and really resonated with me.  The main theme was that Earth, Gaia had many potential timelines and paths to ascension but ultimately instead of ascending herself and shrugging off her human inhabitants, she chose to go through her ascension process more gradually and allow humanity to ascend with her instead of creating massive cataclysmic earth changes that would have lead to most of the populations demise.  This was also agreed upon by the company of heaven and helped by the galactics who used their technology to lessen the intensity of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.  Yes there have been some severe ones like Sandy but that was also created by Gaia and used to cleanse the energy and clear the density of 3D earth in the Northeast region.  

The celestials said that we all had the opportunity to ascend and that the only “ticket to ascension” was love.  They shared how we all are Divine emanations of the ONE and we are all in essence equal creators.  

As I read and listened to more of their messages, many subjects were discussed around the meaning of ascension and what our experience of ascension would be.  They didn’t want us to get attached to any dates but ultimately the 12/21/12 date was the opening of the portal for Gaia to move into 5D.  Those who read and listened to these messages were told that we needed to raise our point of perception, our vibrations to lift our consciousness into a 5D reality.  And that we are being bombarded with massive beams or rays of love and light to help us make the shifts necessary to live in this higher dimension.  So many of us who had been “doing our inner work” were under the impression that after 12/21/12 the world would miraculously be transformed overnight as if we had literally stepped through a doorway into heaven, nirvana, wonderland, paradise.  I was told that we would wake up in our homes the morning after ascension and over a few days see things differently and our perceptions of “reality” would shift.  I think we were under the misconception that a 5D world would just appear before our eyes without us having to really create it.  But alas that was indeed a BIG misconception.  

After December came and went I started really “getting” a deeper and more accurate understanding and knowing of what living my 5D life path really meant.  I reread some of the earlier channeled messages and I can now see with new eyes and expanded awareness what they were really trying to impart to humanity.  How many times have we heard that you create from the inside out, that we always have to shift from within and it will then be mirrored on the outside.  What the channels were really trying to do is to challenge us to hold the vision of ascension and allow for the shift in perception in order to actually have it manifest in our reality.  They gave us a vision, a template, a taste of what is possible and they are guiding us to claim it, create it and realize it and make it our new reality.  

Now I realize the gift in this more gradual or natural ascension is the joy of experiencing being a true creator.  Now that creating and manifesting is much more easily achievable in this new 5D Earth operating system, we get to feel the wonder and delight in watching our intentions and visions come to fruition more rapidly and seemingly miraculously.  It is really about the journey of SELF discovery, SELF empowerment, opening our hearts, trusting and knowing our true SELF and having a fully conscious relationship with our Higher Self.  Its about standing in the light and the truth and the love releasing all fear and doubt.

I had this big realization about the role I played the last year in regards to an investment I was involved in with a group of people.  Some people invested in this but put it aside and went on with their lives and that was fine but many of us really stepped fully into the intense rollercoaster of this investment ride and kept holding the vision daily of it coming to fruition, hearing from various sources that it was about to happen time and time again for over a year.  I realized that we were like pillars holding the light around this event actually happening and we are seeing it finally come to fruition. You can say the same thing about all the light workers who have for years been holding the vision for ascension, the new age, 5D, the Golden age of Aquarius, whatever you choose to call it.  We were doing our “Lightwork” to bring it into manifestation. It is no accident that Gaia Earth has chosen to ascend while taking humanity with her. We, the collective consciousness became the critical mass shining our light on all the darker, destructive timeline potentials collapsing them into the brightest future potential allowing Gaia to ascend gracefully and more gradually averting total destruction.  If we were all told in 2001 that we ALL would be able to ascend in 2012, we might not have done the work that was needed “within” and “without” to create the critical mass for ascension NOW. 

So for those who may be disappointed about the aftermath of 12/21/12 or confused about how 5D looks right now, stay focused on three Keys to the proverbial 5D Kingdom- keep beaming your Light, spreading your Love and standing in the Truth of who you really are. People constantly hear “to stay in the moment” and “be in the now”. Do you know why? There is nothing to fear in this NOW moment and just keep asking yourSelf in every moment, am I beaming my light? Am I spreading my love? Am I standing in the Truth of who I really am? And if you aren’t, then remind yourself that these questions not only keep you in the NOW but are the keys to creating your 5D kingdom.