Farewell to 2012

It is New Years Eve 2012 and I wanted to take this time to say a fond farewell not only to this last year but also the whole old 3D hologram.  Personally this life has been quite a challenging experience for me as well as many others who call themselves light workers, light holders, way showers or edge walkers.  I know I have had many many incarnations on this Earth as well as on other planets.  I would consider myself a starseed, meaning I didn’t necessarily originate on Earth.  This has made it quite difficult to walk in the world of the 3D programmed reality at the same time having a knowing, an awareness that this was not the truth of who I am.  

It was an illusion, and not just an illusion but an illusion gone awry.  For thousands of years we have been in a sullied corrupted 3D experience and have been enslaved by a dark cabal that was hungry for power, money, greed and took control of our entire existence here on Earth.  The Divine allowed free will so these dark beings were free to feed on whatever light we had within us that they could access. The planet was shrouded with darkness and there was a veil around it that would not let in the higher light frequencies. We were in a closed system, a quarantined planet.  

We have literally been in the dark ages.  Now I am not saying we did not on a Soul level choose to experience this darkness with the sole/soul purpose of overcoming challenges and obstacles gaining wisdom, experiences and to find our way back to the light, to the truth of who we really are, unique emanations of that Divine light. 

So after all this time of living in the limited, restricted, corrupted third dimension, we have found our way back to the light and the dark cabal have lost their control as we will witness in the coming year as the old unworkable systems based on fear, scarcity and greed fall away. They will be replaced by a new transparent financial system, new governances, new asset backed global currencies, prosperity redistribution, free energy, new healing technologies, debt forgiveness and most importantly the end of the dark cabal created admiralty law and back to common law honoring the constitution.  

These changes have been worked on behind the scenes for years waiting for the time in the awakened collective consciousness to be finalized and rolled out.  The end of 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar marking the end of dark ages, is now the perfect time for us to see these massive global changes come to fruition.

So I say with love and with all due respect, farewell to the dark ages, to the 3D duality and to all those Souls who chose to dive deep into the darkness of separation from love and light to play their villainous roles. They played their parts magnificently and it served the ONE in gaining a perspective and an experience of incredible contrast.  I hope these souls choose to come back to the light but if they do not they will no longer be able to continue their dark controlling ways in the higher vibrations of this 5D planet and will transition else where. 

This New Year, New Earth and New You will bring the most incredible changes and transformation EVER in all Eternity.  The ascension(raising the vibration or light frequency) of a planet along with her inhabitants has never been done in all the multiverse.  This is a first for us and for Mother/Father/One and the company of heaven.  You may ask how I know this is true?  After years of walking my spiritual path, seeking answers to all of life’s questions and mysteries, I have been given my answers from the countless channeled messages from the celestial realm and also from our Galactic star brothers and sisters that have been communicating with us continually for years about all of this.  I know what is true for me, I feel it, I resonate with it.  It is up to you whether you know it to be true for you.  Use your own discernment.

I wish you all the abundance of love, light, joy, happiness, bliss, vibrant health and prosperity this New Year.  You can have that and more working with the new energies and frequencies of light to create and manifest them all.  Stay tuned to this blog and I will continue to share all I can to help you create your New 5D Life Path. 

Patricia Cota Robles 5D Light Body Activation

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This is a wonderful video to use daily to activate all your 5D Chrystalline light bodies-Etheric, Emotional, Physical and Mental. Her voice is soothing and it is a great way to continue to infuse light as well as to release the old programs of 3D and bring in the new energies of 5D unity consciousness.

Our New 5D Life Path Philosophy

We will start off by sharing our perspective of what living a 5D life path means to us.  Then we’ll give you our top ten 5D life path tips.

When we first heard about ascension and the end of the Mayan Calendar, we didn’t really know what it all meant.  We had been living our life in the 3D polarity exploring how to master 3D life.  We studied all forms of spirituality and considered ourselves spiritualists or metaphysicians.

Shara even developed her own process to master 3D and wrote a book called The Ultimate Freedom Game in 2011.  Even though this book had some very sound concepts and truths, it still was about mastering life in a 3D world of duality. It shared that this 3D construct is all an illusion, a virtual hologram or matrix and that we have been living in a state of self created and chosen amnesia forgetting the truth of who we really are.

The truth is that we are powerful beyond measure, infinite Divine creators and we have been living an Ultimate lie of powerlessness and created a world of limits and restrictions.  We all on a Soul or Higher Self perspective have scripted and contracted to come here and live out this life experience on this 3D Earth in a human body vehicle to grow, learn, evolve and experience duality or contrast.

What we did not realize until after we learned more about the fifth dimension through our study and research is that we never could really master 3D.  It was not set up for us to master it, Universal laws like law of attraction do not work very consistently in 3D as the energies, frequency and light quotient were not high enough to make “attracting and creating” through our thoughts easy and effortless or consistent.  There was still too much resistance and push back from all of our negative 3D programming and we were all still very plugged into what we call our 3D operating system in the hologram or matrix. That is why so many lightworkers/lightholders had such a difficult time using these laws. We knew they were true but were not set up to work well in our 3D hologram.

However, we also chose to come here at this time in Earth’s and our own evolution to transcend this 3D life of duality and separation and now ascend into the 5D life of unity, oneness, love, abundance, freedom, joy and timelessness.  We now as of 12/21/12 have access to our new 5D  operating system.  So you may ask, why am I still seeing everything around me looking the same as before?  Many of us had the same question on the 22nd of December.  And then we were given the answer by the Angels and Gaia. We are all still adjusting to this new operating system, just like you have to learn and adjust to your new operating system on your computer when it is upgraded. As Gaia, Mother Earth, releases her old 3D plugins and makes her adjustments, the 3D hologram will start shifting and falling away.

Think of it as if you are going to a 3D movie and you do not have your 3D glasses to experience the 3D special effects of the film, you would just have a 2D movie experience.  You would not see the things jump out at you from the screen, would you? We are in 5D but we haven’t put on our 5D glasses yet so we still are experiencing our “movie/hologram/matrix” in 3D.  We love to use analogies and metaphors to share concepts and hope that makes it easier to “see” all this more clearly, pun intended, lol.

So with all that being said, here are our new 5D life path philosophy top ten tips:

1. You create your life and everyone in your life is showing up for you as you “scripted or created” them to show up for you to reflect an aspect of you.  Take responsibility for that and receive the gifts of whatever they are there to teach you about yourself.

2. Let go of feelings of obligation, guilt, shame or blame.  That is all old 3D ego and has no place in  your 5D life path.

3. Make no commitments, plans or obligations that you can’t renegotiate, break or cancel.

4. Be committed only to staying in the moment, if you feel inspired in the moment to do something do it, if you don’t, give yourself permission to change your mind.  Everything will be changing radically over the next year so stay open and flexible to your inner guidance.

5. Give others permission to change their mind without recriminations.

6. Never ever ‘should’ on yourself, delete all “shoulda, woulda, couldas” from your thoughts and words.

7. Let go of expectations of yourself and others.  Expectations lead to disappointments and judgments.

8. Let go of the struggling, the efforting, the pushing, the “make it happen” energy. The 5D life path is about ease and grace, instant manifestation, opening to the new higher frequencies. As we move further along in our individual ascension process we will see all resistance falling away and less and less push back.  Things will just start flowing much more easily than ever in history and creating our heart’s desires will happen more and more quickly, magically and synchronistically.

9. Remember you are wiping the slate clean in this moment, you have no more karma, no more regrets. You have been given a pass from Mother/Father/One.  You can’t raise your vibration and become “lighter” carrying old baggage. Dump it, clear it, cleanse it, release it. Drink lots of pure water, rest more!! You are taking in much more light so make room for it.

and number 10, drum roll please (what is this David Letterman?)

10. You are FREE, you are sovereign and you now can write your new 5D life path script! So be patient with yourself and others, be loving, kind, compassionate and let the new script reveal itself in Divine perfect time, don’t rush it, let it flow.